Thursday, September 03, 2015

cautiously optimistic

It's been a long day without you my friend, and I'll tell you all about it when I see you again. If you know that cheesy Wiz Khalifa song it will now be stuck in your head. Do I love the song? Do I hate it? The answer is yes.

Since I last posted I got a promotion and life has been pretty meh on the whole. For one thing instead of my tucked away office that no one even knew the location of I'm now in a fish bowl type arrangement where everyone who is walking past can see my giant monitor. Which has not been a problem because for two solid months I have not checked a website for amusement at work. Ocasionally, (is that the hardest word to spell in the English language? I just tried 5 times) I will have a half hour on a Friday where I am done with everything but basically it's been a whole new world as far as how busy I am at work. The screen capture is from a training on meeting etiquette that I will be taking today, so maybe I can post more funny ones.

I am cautiously optimistic and seem to finally be settling in. I don't feel like I can say too much since this is public so I will just keep it positive. I just took on my first writing assignment in months (deadline in early November - Smiller can expect to hear whining about it soon) so that makes me feel good. The thing with this promotion is that the hiring process also took like 4 months, so basically the last half year has been consumed with it.

Went to the friends and family thing at Empress last night. What a monumental accomplishment! It's beautiful inside. I loved my gin cocktail, which was very savory (made with fennel soda) just like I like. The beer list is next level nutz. The dizzying array of food was overwhelming and I had foolishly worn a jumpsuit that I can barely breathe in, but everything was delicious and the bigtime standout was the rotisserie chicken on top of Texas toast with a shmear of pate. The chicken had chimichurri and the toast mopped up all the sauce and juice. Great steak tartare, too, which erased the memory of the oddly tasteless tartare I had at Brasserie Capitale recently. I look forward to many wonderful nights there.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Finally watched the Sopranos

I haven't posted in sooooo long and I never posted about Japan! Maybe one little post will get me jumpstarted about a Japan post. Japan was so fun! I want to go back and this time we are thinking of exploring some new areas like Okinawa.

A couple of months ago I decided to finish watching the Sopranos, I had never gotten past mid 4th season. I finished it yesterday and it's weird to say that it actually made me really sad. Some of that is probably that I started watching it almost concurrent with its first airing, in a completely different time of my life. So there's a lot of nostalgia mixed in. Also, it's really sad that James Gandolfini is dead. When I first watched it I was closer to Meadow's age and now I am closer to Tony's age.

What a brilliant, disturbing show. What a crazy ending (I know, all of you that care got over this 8 years ago!) Then I went down the rabbit hole of reading long shot-by-shot analyses of the last episode, which just gave me insomnia and feverish half-asleep thoughts.

There's a Knock Knock show at the Bike Kitchen tomorrow. See you there?

Friday, May 01, 2015

Sun and Meh

I am not sure how I feel about Sun and Soil, but I've been there three times lately. This last time I got the "dirty chai" and it was gross and did indeed taste like dirt. For nine bucks! I don't really think the drinks are great but I keep ending up there when I want to meet a friend and don't want to go for alcohol or coffee. Or yesterday because it was a good length of walk and I wanted something a little sweet. I always end up going for the smoothies because getting a juice for nine bucks doesn't seem worth it. Now that I'm writing this up I should probably stop going there. I usually end up drinking the smoothie really fast and not paying attention to it because I'm yapping about something.

I'm bummed about the changes coming up at The Bee. I'm bummed that papers are on their way out. Chalk it up as another thing the internet has ruined. Who is going to report on local news? Certainly not TV. We have the SNR, but that never seems totally solid either as far as revenue. We need an established local paper and we need an alternative newsweekly. They both serve their roles and our local society can't really function without them

Friday, April 24, 2015

but he doesn't have a wife or smoke weed

The Bananas had a super posi, fun show the other night. It was such a great way for them to emerge from hiatus. They opened for the Dead Milkmen. I am a fake punk and never listened to The Dead Milkmen and I had no idea they had a legion of rabid fans and were so influential! Mike and Marie from Bananas are both huge fans so they were thrilled to be on the bill. The Bananas rocked it and it was awesome to be in a crowd with a bunch of people who had never seen the Bananas and got their mind blown. They blew through almost all of their merch, mostly from people who had just seen them for the first time. Their next show in Sac is June 20th at the Hideaway with G Green. The Hideaway shows I have seen lately have been great so I'm really looking forward to that.
This is a crazy scandal in the local hip hop scene. It's worth taking a look at the guy's explanation video because it's hella ridic! This is a funny quote:
Lei said he’d heard about Task1ne using other people’s verses about a year ago but didn’t really know how deep it went. He said looking back it seemed obvious because Task1ne would rap about having a wife and smoking weed, but he doesn’t have a wife or smoke weed.
Speaking of scandal, the SNR has a piece this week where they got ahold of a bunch of the mayor's and his minion's emails. There's one that makes it clear that Breton gets his orders from the mayor's office. How is it possible that he won't be fired over this?!?
For example, here’s an excerpt of an email from Dorso to the mayor and his lieutenants, on March 15, 2013:
“Met with [Sacramento Bee columnist] Marcos Breton today and put him in the dog house. He tried to back peddle [sic] saying it was just more neutral than negative. I hit him on this saying he needs to keep in mind his goals and focus on economic benefits of downtown development. He said he would do a better article Sunday. We will see.”

Thursday, April 23, 2015


The fact that Baird Brewing has a taproom that serves New Haven style pizza, and that the text of the website says it offers "one of life's truly subliminal food-beverage experiences" is making me very psyched for my imminent trip to Japan. Just a combination of the funny phrasing and the weird concept pretty much says it all. SO PSYCHED.
I also plan on visiting SPAWORLD in Osaka, which has various themed baths, such as Greek and Finish themed, and restaurants. You can't visit if you have a tattoo, so I guess I'm glad I held up on getting that Steal Your Face tat.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

quick one

It's been long that I have posting anxiety so I will just do a quick one with a link to a Nordstrom festival pop up shop. It has such helpful items as a bathing suit with James Franco's face on it.
I am eating leftover Bombay chana masala that got so spicy since yesterday that I can barely stand it. It's really good, though! Their pakoras and samosas are also bomb. I didn't eat any meat yesterday and Bombay made that easy since I think their vegetarian dishes are their best.

Oh yeah, and tonight is the first Heckarap that I'm not involved with. I'm not going. I know this was a good decision. I hope Mike C. gets a good turnout though.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Great Show!!

The Trash Talk show was really fun. If you don't know, that's a hardcore band that is really popular, and they're from Sac (link to Blake's article). The crazy thing is that despite being around for years, they have only played once here. Sounds kind of jerkish, right? The show was at Harlows and was 15 bucks. I would say that it was not very well attended. In SF they are playing the Independent, which is big, but who knows, maybe that wasn't that well attended either. They were really fun and really good. Super pro in the showmanship sense of the word. I was poking around for videos (some of which have almost a million views) and I see that Jay Howell animated one, which makes sense as to why they gave him a shoutout. They also gave a shoutout to Tales of Terror. I felt disappointed in (at?) Sacramento that it wasn't better attended. I'm guessing they won't play here again, although in fairness Harlow's is a really weird venue for it. Blue Lamp would have maybe been a good substitute. The front dude is still charismatic enough that he got a huge pit going and urged everyone to ignore the stage diving policy at the end. NM counted 16 stage dives in one short song. Harlows kicked a lot of people out.

Rat King opened and they were janky, cute little crew. Pretty creative and I liked the electronic drum/beat machine that they use. They were not psyched on the crowd and they seemed to be in a fight at the end because they were told they only had one song left and the white dude wanted to do two. The other guy left the stage while he did the last one. Another weird thing about the show is that it had to end really early because it was all ages - by ten.

A rap producer originally from Sac (Lee Bannon) opened the show, and he was really interesting, too! I thought he was a rapper so I didn't know what I was watching but I was digging it. He did a jungle-house-ish mix of an old Erykah Badu song. I didn't know that Blake interviewed him, but here it is. I'm going to have to check out the Alternate/Endings album. Maybe jungle will be my new thing? Scott will be psyched about that!