Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Boogaloo 2016

 So yeah, Burger Boogaloo. What a rad fest. Even though there wasn't a band on the bill that I think of as a don't-miss, it's still the best fest around. I think I will try to go every year for at least one day. I guess we dodged a bullet by just going on the second day (even though the lineup wasn't as good). I hear people had to wait in line for hours on the first day. It was hot, too!
 The last time I went was in 2014, when the Bananas played, but this year (and I guess last year), they moved to two stages, which made things run better. All the sets pretty much started and ended on time. This is the Dwarves. I had never heard them before and I only watched a few minutes. I found out that Stinky's Peepshow was going on in a tent at the same time, and MOM was in there pouring ranch dressing into people's mouths. I watched Lil Heather get a dry packet of gravy get poured in her mouth, too.
There were two stages, Dirty Mouth and Tassel Castle. This is Death Valley Girls at Tassel Castle. I thought they were good!
 Seth Bogart was the headliner. It was rad. I got emo about it and wrote a thing for the SNR, because he mentioned Orlando. John Waters introduced him and called him a performer of dubious distinction, putting him in league with Divine!
The original Mummies ambulance was there! I wish I could have seen them Saturday. I heard they drove it up to the stage and played on top of it.
 The Bananas played at the Starline in Oakland with Panty Raid after. I thought it would be a dive, but it actually had fancy food and biodynamic wine. I had a nice glass of Gamay downstairs.
Finally, their name in lights! Panty Raid had only practiced once but they were really fun and Seth wore a jock strap (hot!) Burger is allrightallrightallright!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Burger Box set

Burger Boogaloo was really fun! I will write more soon and post some pics but right now I am trying to get something together for the SNR, so I can get it in this week. One thing I just discovered from looking at the Burger website while I'm writing, is that the Bananas cassette box set is almost sold out! See this little clip here about it. Scott has a few, so better get yours before they are gone!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

My Brazy Life

My mom's in town. She lives in Mexico on the coast but she a) hates the sun b) hates the beach/ocean c) told me this morning she never eats out because she can cook better things at home. Yep, sounds like the Mexican Riviera is the perfect place for her! She was saying the peso's down to almost 20 to a dollar. That is crazy! I have to go to Mexico at some point soon. It's so rad, I don't know why I don't go there more. JP was just in Mexico City and from FB his trip looks rad. It's been a few years now since I was there but I loved it.
I've been listening to the new YG Album a lot. It's a'ight. I didn't like Twist My Fingaz when it came out as a single a long-ass time ago, because it's too on-the-nose G Funk and not that creative, but in contrast to the rest of the album it's almost the best song. YG needs to get back with DJ Mustard! I was texting Nic about it and he pointed out that Mustard needs YG, too, which is true. He's getting into some like, adult contemporary territory lately and needs to get back to his roots. It's still good, but not a classic like My Krazy Life. The best part is that there's a track with Kamaiyah and Drake, but it's not Kamaiyah's best. It doesn't really showcase her talent. Still, it will bring her to the masses. Look how cute she is! I recommend her album, maybe the best of the year so far?

Monday, June 20, 2016

missed opportunities

So I like Carla Meyer as the food reviewer for the Bee. She's got a bit less of an edge than BAR, but there's still some bite (heh) to her reviews, she's no pushover. She uses a certain turn of phrase like "the celery thrills" and "the harissa tantalizes" a bit too often, but that's not too bad. BUT she's been in over a year and there is a decided lack of interest in cheaper spots and "ethnic" spots, especially in the south area.  I am getting bored with reading about some spot in El Dorado Hills I'm never going to visit but nothing surprising, no little discovery out on Mack Road. She doesn't seem particularly interested. I don't think it's out of line to point out that BAR would sometimes glean some of his tips from this very blog and go on to review the place, like with Asian Café (which by the way has different owners now and I had a very sad meal there a few months ago).

For instance, tonight I'm going to go eat at Tanoor Halal before I go see Conjuring 2 (so excited!) There's a spot worthy of a review. I'm probably going to eat this meat pie thingy that they have that is bomb. And pretty much the only Mexican she has written about it Cielito Lindo, and like, a review of Dos Coyotes for it's 25th anniversary. Little Saigon is the culinary jewel of this area, and if she's not reviewing places there at least a couple of times a year she's not reflecting the food culture of Sacramento.

Monday, May 23, 2016

long-awaited post

Yes, I am doing my first post in 5 months and yes it is a screenshot from a hearing conservation training I'm doing. Has anyone out there very washed their hands before they inserted earplugs? Well la di dah if so! How about inspecting them (step 2)?

Monday, December 28, 2015

George and Martha

I desperately needed a new banner photo and my mind was blank and I just threw this one up there, to get that other one down. Smiller and I recently watched Night Of The Iguana (I have mixed feelings about it), but I was loving Richard Burton and we talked about Virginia Woolf so I thought of this. Voila! Why doesn't anyone locally produce any Albee plays? I've never seen one live. I'm excited Big Idea Theater is going to produce The Motherfucker With The Hat in a couple of weeks.
OK, so this Tamaya story is just the weirdest, in that, really, you can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to a space and the cops aren't even going to investigate? It obviously looks like the Tamaya owners, or maybe employees who didn't get paid or something. They poured cement down the drains, so how about looking to see who bought cement right before this, Columbo? This story is just bizarre for what is not said in it.
I just noticed Eatuscany Café (not into the name!) yesterday and here is this very fun to read review. JB does well with the dis reviews, could have used a better closer but hey it's got a great opener. I just don't really eat gelato so I may not go there. You know what I do eat - Russell Stover candies that my boss gave me because I am bored at work and everything on campus is closed so I can't get a snack. I feel sick.

Monday, December 21, 2015

The Stephen Glass of chocolate

Wow, if you care about such things, this four part article on a couple of fake bean-to-bar (yes, it's a thing) Brooklyn chocolatiers is hilarious. They are accused of being the Milli Vanilli of chocolate, and even dying their beards. It's funny, just yesterday I noticed that they were selling these bars at Insight and that I knew it had some crazy backstory, and then this article came out.
The Four Eyes Christmas show was super fun. I did not get as wasted as past years nor freak the light up Christmas tree, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and was not hungover yesterday! One of the best nights of the year, reliably.
I recommend Spotlight if you like long movies about journalism. Such an honorable profession, it's too bad that it's withering on the vine.