Thursday, August 31, 2006

wino weekend

I haven't regained by posting fervor but the new News and Review is out today so maybe that will stir me up.

What's really been stirring me up lately (besides the Da Vinci Code) is probably going to be interesting to very few of you. Intrigued? Probably not but nonetheless I have been pondering this: why isn't the director Michael Haneke more acclaimed? I have seen almost all of his movies now and I can unequivocally state that he's a genius and I love him. Me and smiller just watched Funny Games which was disturbing in a way that I often can't tolerate but certain manipulations that he built in made it bearable and then watching the interview with him after was so reassuring and enlightening. He seems like such a rad guy. While writing this I just discovered on imdb that he's currently remaking Funny Games with Naomi Watts and Tim Roth, which was a shock to read. It makes sense that he would make an English language movie because his movies have been filmed in quite a few different languages. The imdb message board is already arguing about whether he's a big sellout to do this.

I am meeting with the Harbor winery guy, Charles in West Sac at 9am on saturday. He is 77 and seems like a real character. He doesn't do tours but he will be in the warehouse making wine so he told me to come on over. I hope it goes well! I don't know what I am going to ask yet. And then I'm going to Bogle later the same day! I hope to pick up a bottle of their moscato d'asti if they have any left. Wino weekend! Which doesn't really distinguish it from any other weekend.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I haven't had time to post this week and I have wednesday off. What if after two years I've finally run out of things to expound upon. It's possible.

safety last

I'm out of the office until this afternoon. Stupid safety class!

Monday, August 28, 2006

bad news

The house that Olipom was in is completely burnt. It looks like the upstairs got the brunt of the damage but I'm pretty sure Olipom is over at that location. I hope no one was hurt. I feel terrible for Olivia. I hope she can bring Olipom back, it seems like it was really successful. I went in there saturday and it was packed as usual. Here's the story in the Bee. Firefighters were hurt, but it doesn't sound like the residents of the house were. Terrible

Friday, August 25, 2006


I was busy all day with no time to post.

Allen O. Pierloni managed to write a good article about eating on Franklin Boulevard with nothing irritating in it at all. Good job Allen!

The Bananas are playing in Oakland this weekend. I don't know about any other show or stuff going on really. That District B13 movie opened at the Crest. Ive heard good things about it. The movie by the Supertroopers guys is out. Tower has some movie called "once in a lifetime" that I can't even find on imdb.

Go to the fair or something. Have a good weekend!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

news roundup

Man, I am so glad I graduated Sac State before this shit got passed. They used to try to trick us into voting to increase our tuition (by over two hundred dollars a year) every year like clockwork for a stupid sports and recreation complex that very few students would use (mostly because CSUS is a commuter school and one with many older reentry students who are not likely to spend extra time on campus). It is even worse now because I think tuition has about doubled since I went there. It was much like the arena in that the school would spend money on polls and focus groups to try to figure out what tricky language to use to get it passed even though it was clearly not a popular notion. We voted it down multiple times but they would not take no for an answer. I guess they finally rammed it through.

The new cover of the News and Review asks if global warming will make Sac unliveable by 2100. Not that this isn't important but the question on my mind is will development make Sac unliveable by 2010? They had an article on Westfield corp's proposal for downtown plaza that could have easily run in the Bee. You know, I take that back, I looked at the article in the Bee and it is actually more critical of the plan than the News and Review is. Are we in opposite land now? The headline said it was met with "mixed reviews" but in the body of the article the mix seems to run from Sandy Sheedy's disappointment that it didn't get a more upscale retailer (although she's quick to praise Target)to Robbie Fong's overheated kudos. Fong pretends that the Target is going to look cool. Sure it will. Nobody brings up the other Target downtown and whether we really need two. The writer, CB, did include some comment from a member of a neighborhood group, but if anything, he's more pro-development than the city council. He must be a homeowner in Alkali Flats who is hoping this will make his home worth more, which is understandable. His quote (which closes the article) bugs me. "Sacramento’s at the cusp of being a cosmopolitan city, but we’re not there yet.” And an upscale retailer is what we need? So that must make Roseville a really cosmopolitan city. And here I thought it was a sprawly dump (Denios excepted, of course) Was there no one who could be quoted who questions the need for a major remodel of downtown plaza? Or who doesn't think it's appropriate for the city to possibly pay 20 million to a private company to fix something that ain't broke?

I enjoyed the review of China Buffet. I briefly contemplated eating there to review it for midtown monthly but then I realized I really, really didn't wanna eat there. Thanks, KW.

new restaurants

Due to the massive outcry about my lack of posts here goes. Just calm down and quit with all the hysterics already, would you? Hopefully you can read through the tears.

I ate dinner at Rolle for the first time the other night. I enjoyed it, but I think it's probably a better lunch spot. The ambiance is more suited to lunch. The poached salmon sandwich was great. I didn't get any wine but I should have because they had a small but good selection, at least of whites. We didn't get a wine list so I don't know. Has anyone had any of their chicken entrees or sandwiches? I am not crazy about their salad mix that's the base for most of the salads. The dressing was sweet and it had too many peppers and big chunks of-gross-celery! That's a pretty minor nitpick, though, and I would like to try their salmon nicoise.

Yesterday morning I ate breakfast at Noplalitos for a little thing I'm writing for midtown monthly. As I've said before, it's the best, and I tried the chili verde for the first time and loved it. However, any time I can make it here for breakfast I'm getting the little cactus special, but if I go for lunch I'll probably go for chili verde.

And then for dinner I went to Kabul Kabob. The three of us were the only people there during our entire leisurely dinner. This is a damn shame. The afghani naan (which was more like a non-oily focaccia) was jaw-droppingly good with a little yoghurt and chutney (which we had to request). They have a big menu and I want to try more stuff. We started with a yoghurt pumkin appetizer called borani kadoo. We scarfed that down. After briefly contemplating a veggie entree to attempt to counteract the pork I had eaten that morning (that's how it works, right?) I went with ground beef and leef-filled dumplings. They were pretty good but I probably should have gone for a veggie dish or just gone all-out and ordered lamb. They seem to be masters with lamb. GW got a lamb curry that was wonderfull and ADK got something that was a pile of lamb, basmati rice, and raisins and other good stuff. The lamb was gamey in a really good way. The dudes running it were ohsonice. I am so happy this place opened dowtown because it's amazing we can get good Afghani food now without trekking to the burbs! The only drawback is that they don't serve alcohol. I wonder if you can bring in your own? Next time I go for dinner I'll ask. Smiller recommends their lunch buffet as well, which sometimes includes pizza.

I cracked the code

I have eaten so much good food in the last two days and read so many chapters of the Da Vinci Code (all 263 of them, in fact) that I am in a pretty good state of mind. All I can think about it Kabul Kabob and the sacred feminine. I'll post in a bit.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

More birthdays

Not a lot to say today, I'm pretty busy. But I'd like to say


Monday, August 21, 2006

futureheads in sac!

Tickets are now on sale for the futureheads at the library in Sacramento on October 6th. They are really good live whether you like their new album or not (haven't heard it but I love the other one), so everyone should go. They are cute and British and charming and funny. I would give you a link but you try googling the library and let me know what you come up with. Stupid name for a venue in the internet age.

The Bananas sort of almost got mentioned on Pitchfork today. Well, their label and the fest they played at did. But at least there are some awesome this bike is a pipe bomb pictures. Where is the portrait of Terry that is doing all her aging because she sure isn't doing it.

I want to take you to monkeytown

I can't stop eating at Zen Toro and mourning its upcoming demise. I had more excellent sushi and sampled the delicious udon. The only positive thing I can think of about Zen Toro closing is that it has better ventilation than the old Taka's so when Takas opens there I won't get such a bad case of sushi hair. It's a pretty weak plus side, though.

I also went to the zoo yesterday for the first time in a while and Fairytale town for the first time ever. The gibbons were putting on quite a show. They were incessantly swinging as usual, but this time one of them was making an insanely loud, siren-like whoop whoop sound.It was really funny but I fear he is doing it because he has gone insane from boredom. My niece got really excited and shouted out "I like it here in monkeytown!". Pretty cute. Also, that one big orangutan is so crazy-looking that I can't handle it. His red dreads were freaking out I and I. People were taunting the chimps, as usual. Fairytale town was having water day and it was total bedlam, with tons of kids playing in the dirty moat and spraying everything with supersoakers. That place is pretty cool for a little kid. I like how everything was fifties-era. My niece was just running around frantically and climbing on everything but didn't really seem to register that the stuff was related to fairytales. I then treated the whole family to Los Jarritos for a grand total of 24 bucks, including beers (not for my niece, don't worry). You can't beat that price but I am sad to report that the pozole at Los is just so-so. The best I've had is as Alonzo's.

Heard it from a friend who...

heard it from a friend who, heard it from another that it's...

Brew's Birthday!! Happy Birthday!!

That is my weak way of seguing into talking about REO Speedwagon at the fair. They were good and it was rad to see them make so many people happy. There was a rocker family all dancing together with their kid kinda into it but kinda embarassed that was just too cute. Other than that, typical fair experience but with 92% more stunna shades than last year, at least when the sun went down. We also tried to count Scarface shirts and I think saw about ten or so.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Am I missing something here?

Why are 80% of the posts on the Bee's entertainment blog about local news or radio? Who gives a shit if someone on Good Day Sacramento changes her hair style?

the three Bs

I'm going to the ye olde state faire tonight to celebrate Brew's birthday, eat MOTHERFUCKING BRISKET, and see Speedwagon. That's right, brew, brisket and bands, the three Bs of summer. I already have my menu planned: corn on the cob as an appetizer, brisket dinner for the main course, and chocolate covered banana for dessert as a healthy alternative to a fried twinkie. I am challenging myself to ride the zipper but I may chicken out.

Then on saturday, as I already mentioned there is some punk-ass Portland band that has the cojones to call themselves Knock Knock who are all about to be surprised by multiple knuckle sandwiches to their unattractive faces. After that sandwich delivery, I will be at the Distillery from ten until the end of time (that's how all Distillery shows feel) watching the Bananas and Four Eyes.

I went to Zen Toro last night and it was packed no doubt because everyone knows it's closing. I have been kicking myself that I only went there for the first time recently. Everything seems to be really good and now I wish I had time to try all the unusual stuff on the menu. I really want to try their udon and their breakfast. I'm thinking about going tomorrow morning but I'm afraid it will be slammed. At least I can eat at the one in Davis pretty conveniently.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

neil hamburger

A Neil Hamburger commercial for the new bonnie prince billy album.

I've caught Gonuls fever

KWs new review is of Gonuls. Anyone been there lately? I'm tempted to try it now. One reason I've never wanted to go is that the name is reminiscent of an STD. Another precious week went by without any comment from the SNR on local development or the arena. Well, there were like two words in Bites about it after a weird, Bono-hating rant. Of course Bono sucks. You were surprised?

Allykat posted this awesome article in her blog. I've never heard of that Russian place on Watt, but I've eaten almost every place mentioned except there and Jamie's. When is Jamie's open?

another target, great

OK, stop thinking about Jonbenet Ramsey for a minute and think about this. This is infuriating. Why do we need another Target downtown? It's not even that far from the other Target. The Target on Riverside is not even that crowded all the time, why do we need another one? Riddle me that, Rob Fong.

I went to Pattaya Thai last night for the first time in at least a year and it did not disappoint. Me and Smiller got the meung kum salad, which is the one of toasted coconut, chopped ginger, onion, jalapeno and lemon served on a lettuce leaf which yummy sauce. Then we got a chicken green curry and a whole roasted fish with ground pork on the top. We fought over the fish carcass. Then we went to the Arbat European deli next door (why are Russian places always called "european" can someone answer this for me?) and got bear salami which I am pleased to report is smoky and delicious.

There are shows this weekend. MikeRMike is double-booked on saturday, playing with both Knock Knock at the fox and goose and the Bananas and Four Eyes at the Distillery. Oh yeah, and REO Speedwagon tomorrow at the fair.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

who knew?

I can't resist posting this little bit of local music news. Did you know that legendary E st. band member and worst regular character on the Sopranos (well, besides Janice) Little Steven is a big Th' Losin' Streaks fan? That's why they're playing with the Zombies in SF at his underground garage festival. I heard that OMF has talked to the man a couple of times.

special city council meeting

I haven't posted today because I don't feel like it and also because I'm spending my free time writing the review of the Firehouse for midtown monthly.

There's a special meeting of the city council tonight to address the crime wave that Sac is having. I can't find the article where I read this, but I'm pretty sure that another issue being discussed is a city subsidy of around seven million to put in a live theater and restaurant in the old Woolworth's building.

I have tomorrow off so see you on thursday!

Monday, August 14, 2006

how bazaar

Thanks to an invitation from GW, I hit up the annual bazaar at the Buddhist church right by my house (the one by Target). I would have totally missed it as I was out of town riding the croc all weekend. Congratulations to Connie for mounting the croc in record time and to JM for giving it the old college try and pulling a few muscles in the process. The important thing when you fail is to get back on that croc again. I digress, the bazaar is off the chain! Best udon evs and it looks so cool inside (see picture stolen from their website). I wish we hadn't gotten there as it was shutting down cuz they have little bottles of sake for three bucks. Everything was so cheap. I got sunomono and cabbage slaw for a buck each and good sushi for 3.50. And it was heartwarming to see people of all races come together with smiles abounding.

I also saw Little Miss Sunshine and give it a thumbs up. It's good but is perhaps a tad overrated by the critics.

another cool photo

Originally uploaded by mopedLauren.

this fisheye lens effect really shows the hard work that goes into the rock

I love the internet


Look, there are already pictures up of the Bananas playing that fest in Chicago, which they said was the best! Here's her the address for the rest of the photos

Friday, August 11, 2006

bye bye

I'm leaving to go shopping for camping at Corti's and TJs. I will probably be on an all preserved-meat diet this weekend. Jerky here I come. Please remember to send good vibes and healing white light to the Bananas so that they can rock Chicago properly. So tired. I can't wait for an invigorating hot croc injection.

p.s.-on my way out the door I got a voicemail. Bananas arrived in the windy city (now 12% windier) on time and intact! Yay!

viva la vientiane!

I got to work a bit after 6 am this morning after dropping the Bananas off at the sac airport to play the shows at that fest in Chicago. Hope they have fun and that their hoagie levels don't shoot dangerously high like happened to Mike R. Mike last time. I am happy to report that MRM seemed in surprisingly high spirits despite his apprehension about flying. I reallyreally hope he gets better about that after this safe trip so that the Bananas can tour Italy!

I am also happy to report that Vientiane is still the bomb. Don't listen to what this dumb yelper
(2nd review) says. This is exactly the kind of shit that bugs me,
"The friendly service of yore has been replaced with unfriendly young guys, who don't even smile or say hi and toss the menus on the table."
No, the friendly family "of yore" has been replaced by a new friendly family, including some nice young guys, a teenage girl, and their equally nice dad.

We got the stuffed chicken legs (maybe even better than normal, which would be amazing), the green curry with tofu (it was very spicy and delicious, and I was stoked to get such a good veggie dish at a place that works wonder with meats), the squid salad (so insanely heavily flavored of lemon grass and other good stuff and the same as it always is) and the Asian sausage. Of all these, the Asian sausage was the only dish that suffered slightly. It was smaller than normal, a bit oversalted, and most dissapointingly, not as lemon-grassy as normal. However, even at a slightly lower quality it was still so tasty that it disappeared off the table quickly and I will continue to order it. I'm hoping that it might be back to normal next time. If not, it's still fucking good.

Today is the first day of the state fair. Kenny Loggins plays tonight. Yacht rock! On fm102 they were saying the new treat this year is the krispy kreme chicken sandwich. No burger?

I'm going camping at Lake Janky after work and I'm stoked to ride the crock all weekend.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

If you must know!

To help you out with the literary reference, I went straight to Amazon and looked up this book. It's a story of the "beautiful, headstrong, intelligent" (how Mary sees herself) Bathsheeba Everdene, who is pursued by multiple suitors, one of whom is a good, dependable guy (like Mary's bf whats-his-name) one is dastardly (Aldo!) and there's another. Is hottie Mary going to get pursued by someone else now? P.S.-writing about this makes me realize how weak it is compared to the comics curmudgeon but oh well.

barely anything

Hmm...I don't have much to post today. Not yet. I'm eating at Vientianne tonight for the first time since it got new owner/new cooks. I'm apprehensive. I will be sad if it's crappy like that guy on yelp said.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I highly recommend that you start reading Mary Worth because there's a really good plotline going on. This guy Aldo with the funny red bowl cut is stalking Mary and she's getting really pissed about it. As always the comics curmedgeon has written some hilarious posts about it.

If you're not familiar with Mary Worth, here's a summary of it on the king features website:

First appearing in 1938, Mary Worth is one of the longest-running continuity strips, or "comic-page soap operas" — a genre dedicated to the millions of readers who thrive on continued stories told in brief daily episodes with cliffhanger endings.
Contrary to popular belief, Mary Worth is not a continuation of the Depression Era favorite "Apple Mary." The strip was created as a replacement feature offered to newspapers when Martha Orr, who created the dowdy apple peddler, retired. The only thing the new title character had in common with her predecessor was a first name. She appeared as she is today: a well-spoken gentlewoman with a knack for quoting proverbs and surrounding herself with interesting people whose lives reflect the daily concerns of society.
Past stories have confronted such issues as juvenile delinquency, unwed motherhood, drug addiction, spouse abuse, alcoholism, infidelity, concerns of the elderly and the generation gap.
The reader is asked to remember that Mary Worth stories are not about Mary. They are about a continuing parade of people who enter Mary's life. If you look closely, you may recognize one of your neighbors — or even yourself

I emailed this to smiller yesterday and I LOLed when he pointed out that they used the phrase "popular belief" to precede a sentence about the Depression-era origin of Mary Worth. Not exactly something you hear heatedly discussed at parties so popular belief is stretching it.

does the arena have a future?

I meant to link this. It's linked in the sacbee online article. It's Dave Jones' website about the arena. I checked to see what it had to say about all this and lo and behold it looks like it's been taken down!!


Here's the newest arena news today, about the team that's massing to push this tax through. It's not surprising that Richie Ross is rearing his reptilian head, and on behalf of the Maloofs no less.

I have kinda been ignoring Mike Dunne's blog but maybe I shouldn't. He's got the details on the Biba's temporary price cut on some items, the news that Joey B's is closing (I guess that paper rock scissors tournament wasn't a raging success?), the fact that the Zen Toro in Davis is staying open, and a little story on the bakery that has been opened by one of the original Naked Lounge guys that's in the alley across from 58. He doesn't have anything selling retail yet but Tortuga is buying his rolls, which will probably be an improvement over the greasy rolls they had.

Thinking of food makes me think about yelp. I know some readers of this blog are on yelp and have urged me to get on, but I don't really like it. At least right now there are very few people in Sac on it, so it gives each opinion more weight. And people seem to get on there with an axe to grind or let one experience color their whole judgement of the place and go off on it. That would be fine if people reading it keep that in mind, but if it becomes the site that comes up first in a web search I think it could unfairly hurt someone's business. The gripes are often petty ones about service. Here's a quick example, one I just came up with on the first thing I clicked on but there are many others: The yelp waterboy reviews. There are quite a few and they're generally really positive. But check out Charlie E's review. It was the only time he's ever been there and he says he got bad service. I've been there tons of times and I have always gotten excellent service, usually from the same few people that have been working there for years. Not a big deal, but if this was a less popular restaurant that could very well be the only review and if people searched it they might decide to stay away. BTW, this guy gave Plum Blossom two stars, only one less than the Waterboy. I guess you could level these accusations at any review, including mine, but I think this sort of forum encourages unbalanced rants a la Craigslist.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

that's bananas

Congratulations to the Bananas, who just raced past a thousand friends on their myspace and who are getting flown to Chicago this weekend to play the Mauled by Tigers Fest.

vashti tickets

The Vashti Bunyan show at the Great American is creeping ever closer. Sure it might not sell out, but do you want to risk it? And while you're in SF if you're a fancy beer lover you can check out City Beer, the beer store that is setting the bay on fire. This guy will drink beer with you in the store!

montreal recommendations

Soo...Taka's will take the place of Zen Toro. I'm bummed because I just recently discovered I like Zen Toro and now there will be one less good sushi restaurant. I hope something else good opens up where Taka's was. However, I am psyched on the Cafe Bernardo opening up where stupid Icon was. This might mean that Galleria Posada will be able to hang on, too, which is good for them.

I need help from the Heckasac readers. I have a vacation coming up in like a month where I'm spending 4 or 5 days in Montreal. Number one, I need to figure out where I want to stay. I guess I'll be in a B&B cuz it seems like Montreal has a bunch and that they're cheaper than hotels. I don't really want to be in the Latin Quarter. So, does anyone have a rec? And then any other recommendations for places to eat or stuff to do would be great.

I would say that this is bullshit but I already assumed that alcohol was illegal at the river. I thought drinking anywhere in public was illegal.

Monday, August 07, 2006

"It turned my pee pee to pine"-Rex Reed

I give a firm thumbs up to the Descent, in fact I give it one of the firmest thumbs I've had all year. In fact in fact, you can quote me on saying that this movie turned my peepee to pine. It is really really gorey and disturbing. Please don't bring your child to this movie as a few other did at the screening I was at. And don't go if you have a phobia of people crawling through clautrophobically small places, as my viewing partner has. Next he and I will be screening the movie Crawlspace (which I never knew starrted Klaus Kinski till I just now looked it up).

white white wine

A new single is sweeping Sacramento. It's called "white white wine" by the Jay and Joel show. FM 102 only has it in occasional rotation so to hear it go here. I'm surprised that they'll allow lyrics like "look at the behind and your peepee turns to pine" on the radio but I guess those are the times we live in.

Whole Foods is a pretty lame chain but I selfishly would be kinda glad if one opened up at that F st. location, mostly because I might move to that neighborhood next year and I don't want to take that lame bike ride to the old Safeway all the time. I don't know if it would threaten the co-op but between you and me I never go to the co-op.

I took an early trip to the sunday farmer's market and it is even better earlier in the morning. Everyone is so happy looking, it's nice. Beautiful zinnias are in season at the flower booths and I got two kinds of breakfast pork from Bledsoe's (vegetables? who needs 'em?). Their bacon is just normal bacon but the Canadian bacon is something special. It's a slab that you cut slices from and it's really smoky and almost like a pork chop in consistency. There was very little grease in the pan when I was done frying it so I'm going to classify it as a lean health food. Of course we fried the last few slices in bacon fat so they probably weren't as healthy.

Friday, August 04, 2006

RIP Tower Records?

Is this the death knell for Tower?

mariah so crazy!

Oh my God, I love youtube. I finally get to see Mariah Carey go crazy on TRL that one time. Carson seems scared of her and whispers "mariah carey is losing her mind" at one point. The sad part is that when he starts talking to her about how she's sold more records than anyone except Elvis or the Beatles she says "all I want is one day off to go swimming and look at rainbows and eat ice cream and maybe learn how to ride a bicycle." Don't we all, don't we all.

details on yardsale

Hello All!
It's that time of the year when one of my many bands goes on tour. Slightly preceeding that time of the year, is the time of year I have a yard sale to fund said tour-stravaganza
Saturday, August 5th at 8am on the corner of 2nd ave. and Freeport Bvld. there will be lots of cool stuff for sale! t-shirts, records, cd's, books, junk, crap, drum parts, etc. Matt Silver is selling his ENTIRE cd collection. thats 400 cd's! looks like goodtimes folks. I hope to see you all there!

searches I just got...

major boner
the mantles matt roberts (?!)
pictures to cheer someone up (weird, that was the exact title of a post I did)
"I'm On A Seafood Diet... I See Food I Eat It!", T-Shirt (I was the only hit)
aruba, jamaica, come on and i'll take ya
Billy Zane Ian MacKaye (together at last)
chris macias (hello Chris Macias, welcome to Heckasac)
allen maxwell sacramento (also ?!)
viggo's tail (I'm telling you, people are finally starting to notice)
we are the cits so pity us (this is rad, it's the camp song from meatballs)


Superproducer Chris Woodhouse gets a nod in the new Erase Errata review on Pitchfork!

The arena deal seems to be tanking before our eyes. I have a confession for you, now that it seems to be going so badly I am starting to get sad that the Kings really might leave. There, I said it. That's not the same as saying I would vote yes, though.

awesome friday video!

I can't handle how good this song is. The man's been rapping for 225,000 hours! Am I the only one in the world who thought that that Gnarls Barkley song was being sung by a woman? Even when I was informed last night that it wasn't I didn't believe it but now I see. I still don't like it, though.

So Heckamax is back from his epic tour of Europe and this is what I learned:

-He hung with Nessie (she prefers that nickname to "Loch Ness Monster" which is so derogatory) and Jimmy Page on the shores of Lock Ness. It was so deep he can't talk about it without crying.

-Flea wears a paisley body suit when he plays. Check the newest fleamail. He doesn't mention chkchkchk but it is actually really rad. I know at least a couple of the musicians he is referring to are Jimmy Page and Thom Yorke (who lost his shit during Give It Away)

-He did the Da Vinci Code tour of Italy and stumbled into a secret attic that he wasn't supposed to see and now the Opus Dei are on his ass. So if you're wearing a cloak, make sure you approach him slowly so as not to startle him.

Have you seen the new Alive and Kicking? There is a big article all about Charles. The ancient feud between the Loft and the Other Scene has finally been solved. Phew. He's goingg to work on the situation in Israel next. I guess he's having a yardsale this weekend? I'll try to get the details by calling cuz he rarely checks this blog. I know, weird.

OK, seriously, what's up with the Kabinet? No more movies? Long vacation? What? Maybe he's still on hiatus cuz of the Sacramento Film Festival?

Thursday, August 03, 2006


A friend and I have an ongoing argument about whether America's Favorite Thing (we have this phrase trademarked)is tits or paper towels. If you think it is the former you will enjoy the show that the Bananas are playing in SF tomorrow. It is a very weird show. It is someones wedding reception who the Bananas don't know, they are playing first, and the rest of the lineup is a burlesque show and a Guns and Roses cover band?! Anyone can go, though, it's at a club.

If you don't go to that, the Spiral States are playing on friday at the Distillery. And Rock the Light is playing saturday at the Crest? What's up with that?

Heckasac the magnificent! (J.K.)

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I ate at the Firehouse and holy shit is that place expensive! I spent the entire amount that I'm getting paid to review it plus some and we only had one glass of wine apiece (FFT, this is not to make you feel bad, it was probably the only time I'll get to afford eating there so I was stoked). The filet mignon was like butter, though. It was insane. It did not seem like a piece of meat but more like a gift from Baby Jesus in meat form. I'm using up all my A material here (I know what you're thinking-this is A material?) so I'll save it for the review. The new Midtown/Downtown monthly should be out with my article on eating in Japantown. I haven't seen it yet but I think Dave Jones is on the cover. Speaking of midtown/downtown monthly, big and exciting changes are afoot there.

Have you ever eaten breakfast at Nopalitos? For most of you the answer is probably no because they only serve breakfast M-F 630-1045. I am hereby proclaiming that their little cactus special breakfast is the best breakfast in town. There, I did it, I proclaimed it and it feels good.

Things are not looking so good for the arena. Read this article, it sounds sketchy as all hell. I don't even think that 2/3rds vote law is a good law. If you had some awesome civic program on the ballot it would still be really hard to get that big of a majority to vote for it. R.E. Graswich and even Steve Cohn were bagging on the deal yesterday, too.

Remember last week when I made that crack about local news having cute pet stories and how we wouldn't want the news and review at that level? I'm like Carnac over here.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

sorry dudes

I have wednesday off so you're going to have to find some other dumb website to look at. I recommend reading last months Vice about cops, or better yet go back and read the baby boomer one. It's brill! Or go to the cobrasnake and trip on that weird sixteen year old he dates (she's really 16! I read it in the NY Times!).

Gong Li!

Like I said, I don't want to think about any development issues today. The SRD'ers are supposed to discuss it tonight but last I checked no one on the yahoogroup had stepped up to set an agenda.

I do want to think about my plans for tonight, which are to eat at the Firehouse and get a drink at the Backdoor Lounge. Exciting.

I went to see Miami Vice last night. It was not bad. My standards are at a record low this year for current movies so you can take that with a grain of salt. The plot was incomprehensible and the two main characters were pretty much blank slates, so it was all style and visuals. It made me want to go to Cuba even more than I did. I liked that there were multiple sex scenes (although the were very tame) except that the ones with Colin Farrel and Gong Li had embarrassing rage rock ballads playing in the background which made me giggle uncomfortably. Jamie Fox sucks and Colin had a weird fake gruff Souther/Irish accent going on. Sounds pretty crappy, huh? I guess it was. But how about that Gong Li? She's 40 fucking years old if you can believe it! She looks about 23.