Friday, May 30, 2014

Dinner And A Show

The new Jodorowsky movie is at the Crest tonight at 7:30. I just got invited to a fun event at Witch Room so I am going to that instead but luckily they are showing it tomorrow, too. This is a good deal because it includes drinks1 Not sure about the band but who knows?

Saw Chef yesterday. It's fine. Here are a couple of taglines I made up. Chef: finally a movie about people fucking with their phones! Chef: no conflict, just hot lady asses and loving shots of food. Chef: a movie that your mom will love!

It did make me hungry and I was like "I should eat more good food and stop eating sardines and crackers for dinner". Then I had to return something at the mall and got a veggie corndog at Hot Dog On A Stick. LOL. Those things are so low calorie! Like 220 and meanwhile a pretzel across the way is around 500. I have officially shopped at Ann Taylor Loft for work clothes and bought navy slacks. Finally a real adult at 40. That part of being 40 is fun. The I Feel Bad About My Neck part not so much. But it beats being dead amiright?

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The After Party's At The Marriot

We got quite a good crowd last night despite that it was Wednesday at that it was conflicting with Trapacana. It was really fun. MC Ham dipped heavily into the YG catalog which is as it should be. I played After Party which really should have been a bigger hit, especially with the sick DJ Mustard track

I don't know Dorrough's story but one time I was looking through the KMEL top tracks and he had like 3 songs on there. I think he's from Atlanta.

I just found out the next heckarap is June 12th! I totally thought it was the 19th. So soon!

Friday they are playing the new  Jodorowsky movie at the Crest!! Yay! I am so psyched that it's coming to Sac and that it's there. Now if we can just get Dune and the documentary about Dune, but I do n't know if that's happening.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

this chicken's on fire

Jeez, I ate sooo much this weekend. But that's what acknowledging the sacrifice of the troops is all about, amiright? I ate cioppino on Saturday and then ate at 2 barbecues yesterday. I caught 7 pounds of chicken on fire and threw them away, which is pretty much becoming an annual tradition for me. It's how I support the troops.

Tomorrow is heckarap. That's all I got.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Who Do You Love?

Big night tonight! Pop show at witchroom with Rose Melberg's band Imaginary Pants, the Zebras, Arts and Leisure, Monnone Alone and the Mechanical Brides. It's like a roadshow of the SF popfest set up by Roger.

Jeez YG was hands down the best rap show I've ever seen. Ace was sold out, probably a bit more than that. The energy was crazy (some of the ladies were scaring me a bit. I took great pains to not bump into anyone). It was the first show of his tour and he is a great performer. Big contrast to Riff Raff's lackluster performance (summed up perfectly by Blake in the SNR). He was wearing that classic LA Compton style of long cutoffs w white socks pulled up to the bottom of the shorts. He has a definite T.I.-ness about him so he made that style cute. Cute dancer too. Played probably his whole new album (album of the year) and then some other stuff like Toot And Boot It. The crowd sang along with every word. LOVED IT.

Luckily he only let everyone on stage (including some kids) for the last song "Who Do You Love" which is a siiiiiiccckkkk song.

Friday, May 16, 2014

chop bustin'

 I was surprised more people weren't at the Tyvek show. They were so awesome.
G. Green were super rippin'. That's my favorite set of theirs I've ever seen. I've really come around to G. Green over the years. The line up has changed a ton and this is my favorite one.

Man, KJ getting his chops busted on Deadspin. This is big. I hope it continues.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

new Vanilla Ice?

Riff Raff kinda sucked. I was with some people who were really excited, so that was cute. He went from promising to the new Vanilla Ice. Totes buffoon style. Giant cutouts of Katy Perry's face and a husky paraded around stage for instance. A horrible Kid Rock-ish rock song called KoKayne that I will just pretend I never had to hear. A dude whose musical taste I trust said the Neon Panda mixtape is the one I should check out.

On that note, I am kinda over Heckarap. For one, we couldn't get a Thursday this month and ours falls on the one year anniversary of this night at Sidetraxx called Trapacana, which is really popular, mostly due to the crazy cheap drink specials IMHO. So Heckarap will be dead. It will likely be banging in June but I don't know, I just feel like we accomplished what we set out to do and we will just be chasing to duplicate that experience from now on. I'm kind of bummed how much the crowd prefers current stuff. The only good rap albums I have heard lately are YG and Future. I'm tired of sifting through mixtapes for the possible one good song. Chicago drill turned out to be a total bust as far as quality output.

About to eat Masullo leftovers for lunch even though it's not even 11. Pizza never lasts long when I bring it for lunch.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Tyvek and G. Green are at Witch Room on Thursday folks

I really wish that the walk to the tracks for Amtrak and the bike racks on the train didn't anger me every time. I won't say rage because that is too strong. I have yet to successfully put up and take down my bike without hurting myself in some small way. And it takes so long for 3 people to get theirs down or up that there is always a backup of people waiting and being annoyed that you are running into them, etc.

I wish it were possible to have a whole car for bikes with seating on the top, but then more people would have to ride Amtrak, but more people would ride if it was more convenient or cheaper so it's a catch-22.

Time: Even the 5 minute walk rather than the none there used to be means an extra 50 minutes a week which is  3.3 hours a month which again pushes my commute to quite a bit more time than driving, even with occasional traffic. I estimate I spend 22-24 hours a month commuting by car, and about 30 if I took the train. So the time would only about three hours apart if not for that walk. But I may be underestimating the traffic. I'm so used to it.

Cost: If I enroll in the program UC Davis offers, my train ticket would cost 7 dollars a day. So 140 month. I would save 55 in parking (going up soon, I think), and it's nice that the UCD train thing offers one free parking pass a month for when I have to drive. I would save about 40 in gas a week (I think, I'm not good at calculating these things). Hmmm...I would save at least 75 bucks by taking the train and that is not factoring in wear and tear, and much more wear and tear on my car will mean I have to buy a new car within the next couple years because mine has like 180,000 miles. So that could mean the difference between a car payment every month in like a year or maybe like 4 years. I'm glad I rambled and figured this out.

Right now they are offering discounted tickets for 6 bucks a day, I wish they could do that all the time. That would save 240 bucks in the course of the year. This is all based on me not taking vacation, sick days, not factoring in holidays etc.

I was also thinking about sometimes biking to the UCD Med Center Shuttle, which would add about a half hour of biking today and put me in the same traffic, but is wayyyy cheap.

Most interesting post ever! What are your commutes like?

Sunday, May 11, 2014

fullness bursting at the Il Fornaio

I was combing through listings of food events in Sac so I could beef up that section on Foodways, when I came across this. Here's the text:

Note: this is an intimate, seated gathering for only five women who love and crave the honesty and intimacy that Naima brings and the ambiance that IL Fornaio restuarant provides.
The opportunity to be mentored by Naima will be offered to those where the fit seems right.

A note from Naima:
I'm a full Woman.
I love hot sex.
I love enjoying pleasure in all the ways men love to please me.
I find delight in gathering with other hungry women who are claiming what they desire, what they're no longer tolerating,
and what they're creating in their lives.
I love seeing a woman be all of herself; her ugly, her inappropropriate, her glory, and her grace.
We'e so f~~king amazing we don't know what to do with ourselves.
And neither does this world.
That's part of why I exist; to be the beacon of Womanhood.
To be a respite for women who feel their sex, their soul, their fullness bursting at the seams and are going crazy trying to make themselves fit or thinking they're wrong or crazy for feeling what they naturally feel or craving what they naturally crave.
So when we gather in our intimate group of no more than six at IL Fornaio on May 29th, it'll probably be unlike anyting you've ever expeirenced. Your entire life could change by a thought or an admission or an experience or just one moment that happens while we're together that evening.
Nothing is off limits. When I talk about the fullness of a Woman, I mean it. :-)
And if it feels right, we'll discuss deeper ways to work together.
I look forward to connecting with you.

Hot Sex Mentor
To learn more about Naima, click here . (there is no link!)

To review IL Fornaio's menu, click here . You're responsible for your food and beverages.

That last part doesn't sound very friendly! I may go here on May 29th just to see if I can spot this group. Although I will be probably just be Naima.

Oh, also this is happening at the Colonial on June 7th. Also, something called the World Famous Popovich Comedy Pet Theater will be there in December. The flyer said he is "The Baryshnikov of juggling". I like to think that I'm the Barishyshnikov of blogging:

Saturday June 7, 2014
This event will feature the showing of the movie "Purple Rain" and a
live band playing all of Prince's hit songs. 
Countless Prince memorabilia will be on display. 
Doors open at 7:00 pm

Read more here:

Friday, May 09, 2014

Hey Nineteen

The Riot Grrl on her first trip to the Met w/Bikini Kill tshirt. Meeting a different penpal from New Jersey, also super awkward even though he was an awesome guy.  He wrote an earnest feminist zine called Hey Nineteen until he found out the Steely Dan song was about a 19 year old girl and then changed the name to Quiet Nights for Quiet Stars. I believe his penpal ad may have been something about masturbation, but in a way that's hard to convey it was not a creepy ad. It was something where he was conflicted about fantasizing about  women cuz it was sexist and akin to rape. Jeez can  you believe this was only about 20 years ago. It's like a whole different world

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Very 90s Feelings

I'm having so many 90s feelings right now. I started down some internet hole that led me to a Bikini Kill tumblr and this video. Some random thoughts:

1) Kathleen Hanna's voice and Kiedis' are similar at times
2) Wow, things really were intensely anti-fashion. A baggy tshirt for The Jam and a skirt she had cut off and probably some sneakers. I dressed exactly like that. I remember how when Lipstick (the dance night) became a thing that I couldn't believe all these girls that were wearing, well, lipstick and high heels. We even called them "Lipstick girls". I for one was very threatened. I mean, a few years before that I felt some pressure to not even shave my legs (and didn't for a while) and I felt like these younger girls were from another planet.
3) Hanna when she strips down to a bra tells people to stop taking pictures and says "I thought punk was about living in the moment" and urges them to just enjoy it and stop making her feel self-conscious. And meanwhile I recently watched a show through a bunch of giant phones because everyone in front of me was filming. Sigh.
4) Why did I get rid of everything? All my Sassies, all my tshirts, all my zines, why??? I guess because I didn't enjoy the 90s while I was living through them, at least the early and mid-90s
5)I've probably told the story of how I missed Bikini Kill at the Loft because I couldn't find it. (If you've talked to me in person I'm sure I have). I saw them at Gilman the night before (she was wearing a baggy tshirt with a bikini body on it) and they said they were playing at the Loft the next day. I had some idea that it was behind a bookstore (maybe they said that) and I went to Levinson's books (where the first Temple started) and looked around behind there. Oh well, at least I got to see them thanks to reading MRR. I also remember going into Hindenberg and feeling very intimidated and uncool. SS was behind the counter and didn't exactly chat me up.
6) I will never stop being impressed that Scott went to the International Pop Underground in Olympia. I heard about it but didn't know anyone who was going.
7) Tobi Vail rules. Seeing her band Spider and The Webs maybe 8 years ago was a favorite show of mine.
8)I haven't watched the new Punk Singer movie. Really I have such mixed feelings towards that time that I'm avoiding it. It's dumb and I should watch it.

I have to tear myself away from the internet!

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

missed the GZA

I went to Madre Cervezeria last night at Mother. Very fun. The asparagus "Cochinita pibil" was spicy and satisfying. I think the spice came from the chile strips with a creamy sauce and my face was turning red even before I drank the beer. Loved the first beer, a Commons Saison, but between all the good food and conversation I really didn't pay as much attention to the beer overall as I normally would have. Also, the food got me feeling bloated up and I didn't really want all the beer. That is your daily window into my digestive system. There were churros to finish off the meal with just the right amount of salt and NM busted out a weird vanalla-y Bruery beer. It paired well but tasted like a cigar a little bit?  I hope they have more of these events. Very chill, and tons of beer and food for all. For 35 bucks you would be hard pressed to get that much food and special beer.  There was a lot of talk about IPA-gate and a little talk about Pizza-gate. So many controversies brewing lately and hmm I guess I have something to do with them. I must get something out of it, but that's between me and my therapist. See more re: pizzagate at foodways.

The Verge TV Dinner is on Saturday but I will be at No Bunny. Maybe I could bring some actual TV dinners there. No Bunny seems like he would be a fan.

What else? Can't think of anything. Probably stuff I am forgetting. I couldn't go see GZA because of that interview for Foodways. I had to transcribe it ASAP, so I sacrificed in order to roil the pot.

Friday, May 02, 2014


If I had my druthers I would put a moratorium on one more single "artistic" bike rack until there were enough regular bike racks for every frigging bike in the city. The Bee had a piece today happily announcing that 8 new artistic bike racks are going to be distributed throughout the city including a set of 3 that if you stand a few feet away combine to make a  person! How cute! But can I lock my fucking bike to it? So infuriating. Davis has the best, most practical bike racks! Cute bike racks are for people who don't ride bikes.

Also in the Bee today is a story about the new public art that's going to be commissioned for the arena. The head of SMAC is heading it up, which is a good sign. The LOL in the article is that the King's president likened it to a "museum" and said he envisions it as a place for performance art!! hilarious. I can't wait to see a naked woman lay on a block of ice in the middle of it surrounded by a pentagram drawn with her own blood. On the halfcourt at halftime.