Wednesday, May 14, 2014

new Vanilla Ice?

Riff Raff kinda sucked. I was with some people who were really excited, so that was cute. He went from promising to the new Vanilla Ice. Totes buffoon style. Giant cutouts of Katy Perry's face and a husky paraded around stage for instance. A horrible Kid Rock-ish rock song called KoKayne that I will just pretend I never had to hear. A dude whose musical taste I trust said the Neon Panda mixtape is the one I should check out.

On that note, I am kinda over Heckarap. For one, we couldn't get a Thursday this month and ours falls on the one year anniversary of this night at Sidetraxx called Trapacana, which is really popular, mostly due to the crazy cheap drink specials IMHO. So Heckarap will be dead. It will likely be banging in June but I don't know, I just feel like we accomplished what we set out to do and we will just be chasing to duplicate that experience from now on. I'm kind of bummed how much the crowd prefers current stuff. The only good rap albums I have heard lately are YG and Future. I'm tired of sifting through mixtapes for the possible one good song. Chicago drill turned out to be a total bust as far as quality output.

About to eat Masullo leftovers for lunch even though it's not even 11. Pizza never lasts long when I bring it for lunch.

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