Sunday, May 11, 2014

fullness bursting at the Il Fornaio

I was combing through listings of food events in Sac so I could beef up that section on Foodways, when I came across this. Here's the text:

Note: this is an intimate, seated gathering for only five women who love and crave the honesty and intimacy that Naima brings and the ambiance that IL Fornaio restuarant provides.
The opportunity to be mentored by Naima will be offered to those where the fit seems right.

A note from Naima:
I'm a full Woman.
I love hot sex.
I love enjoying pleasure in all the ways men love to please me.
I find delight in gathering with other hungry women who are claiming what they desire, what they're no longer tolerating,
and what they're creating in their lives.
I love seeing a woman be all of herself; her ugly, her inappropropriate, her glory, and her grace.
We'e so f~~king amazing we don't know what to do with ourselves.
And neither does this world.
That's part of why I exist; to be the beacon of Womanhood.
To be a respite for women who feel their sex, their soul, their fullness bursting at the seams and are going crazy trying to make themselves fit or thinking they're wrong or crazy for feeling what they naturally feel or craving what they naturally crave.
So when we gather in our intimate group of no more than six at IL Fornaio on May 29th, it'll probably be unlike anyting you've ever expeirenced. Your entire life could change by a thought or an admission or an experience or just one moment that happens while we're together that evening.
Nothing is off limits. When I talk about the fullness of a Woman, I mean it. :-)
And if it feels right, we'll discuss deeper ways to work together.
I look forward to connecting with you.

Hot Sex Mentor
To learn more about Naima, click here . (there is no link!)

To review IL Fornaio's menu, click here . You're responsible for your food and beverages.

That last part doesn't sound very friendly! I may go here on May 29th just to see if I can spot this group. Although I will be probably just be Naima.

Oh, also this is happening at the Colonial on June 7th. Also, something called the World Famous Popovich Comedy Pet Theater will be there in December. The flyer said he is "The Baryshnikov of juggling". I like to think that I'm the Barishyshnikov of blogging:

Saturday June 7, 2014
This event will feature the showing of the movie "Purple Rain" and a
live band playing all of Prince's hit songs. 
Countless Prince memorabilia will be on display. 
Doors open at 7:00 pm

Read more here:


yolkie said...

Holy crap I hope this "Princeology" event is real. Feels too good to be true. "All of Prince's hits" ?!?

Caroline said...

We are going to this at the end of the month and I am pretty pumped:

Anonymous said...

The Princeology event is free!! Yes.

Naima is much more vague about the cost of her dinner, so I'm going to pass on that one. But I do hope for her sake that the fullness of a copy editor shows up.