Thursday, May 29, 2014

The After Party's At The Marriot

We got quite a good crowd last night despite that it was Wednesday at that it was conflicting with Trapacana. It was really fun. MC Ham dipped heavily into the YG catalog which is as it should be. I played After Party which really should have been a bigger hit, especially with the sick DJ Mustard track

I don't know Dorrough's story but one time I was looking through the KMEL top tracks and he had like 3 songs on there. I think he's from Atlanta.

I just found out the next heckarap is June 12th! I totally thought it was the 19th. So soon!

Friday they are playing the new  Jodorowsky movie at the Crest!! Yay! I am so psyched that it's coming to Sac and that it's there. Now if we can just get Dune and the documentary about Dune, but I do n't know if that's happening.


Anonymous said...

Saw Jadorowsky's Dune! Had to drive to Berkeley to see it, but I've been pumped about that movie for awhile. I hope they release a print version of the storyboard that is featured in the movie.


beckler said...

PS guys Brian Peppers is dead. Which reminds me that I really do need to plan a 10th anniversary of Heckasac party. Seems like a good Witch Room event.

I was thinking of staging some dramatic readings of some of the best comment threads (including the secret blog!)

DJ Rick said...

I have seen a couple of events that centered on readings of things written ephemerally on the internet, and both of them were hilarious!

Anonymous said...

I gave up waiting for Jodorowsky's Dune to turn up at Tower & torrented it. While I'm curious about the storyboards, the further it got into the history, the more I had mixed feelings about how it would've turned out. Probably because I was pretty obsessed with it as a teenager, so I'd want to see something that follows the storyline in the novel.