Thursday, May 22, 2014

Who Do You Love?

Big night tonight! Pop show at witchroom with Rose Melberg's band Imaginary Pants, the Zebras, Arts and Leisure, Monnone Alone and the Mechanical Brides. It's like a roadshow of the SF popfest set up by Roger.

Jeez YG was hands down the best rap show I've ever seen. Ace was sold out, probably a bit more than that. The energy was crazy (some of the ladies were scaring me a bit. I took great pains to not bump into anyone). It was the first show of his tour and he is a great performer. Big contrast to Riff Raff's lackluster performance (summed up perfectly by Blake in the SNR). He was wearing that classic LA Compton style of long cutoffs w white socks pulled up to the bottom of the shorts. He has a definite T.I.-ness about him so he made that style cute. Cute dancer too. Played probably his whole new album (album of the year) and then some other stuff like Toot And Boot It. The crowd sang along with every word. LOVED IT.

Luckily he only let everyone on stage (including some kids) for the last song "Who Do You Love" which is a siiiiiiccckkkk song.

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