Tuesday, May 27, 2014

this chicken's on fire

Jeez, I ate sooo much this weekend. But that's what acknowledging the sacrifice of the troops is all about, amiright? I ate cioppino on Saturday and then ate at 2 barbecues yesterday. I caught 7 pounds of chicken on fire and threw them away, which is pretty much becoming an annual tradition for me. It's how I support the troops.

Tomorrow is heckarap. That's all I got.


Liv Moe said...

How did you catch this chicken on fire? I just successfully grilled chicken a few weeks ago but was afraid I was going to catch it on fire the whole time.

beckler said...

I turned the flame down as far as possible and the grill is very close to the flame. I put some on the second tier but the ones on the lower tier caught those on fire. walking away was a huge mistake. if I had put half the chicken on the top tier and done it in two batches it probably would have been ok. I vow to conquer it this weekend. we have gas and charcoal and maybe I will split it between both!

DaveNinja said...

On your gas grill, are there "guards" over where the flames come out? like pieces of metal that keep the flame from being able to directly touch the chicken?
If you have a grill where you can turn off some of the burners, you can initially sear the chicken over the flames and then move it over away from the flames, close the lid, and cook it with the indirect heat.
chicken is a pain to grill since you need it to reach a high temp to kill the poo-bugs but you dont want to overcook it and dry it out.

Liv Moe said...

That was the exact method I used Dave including killing the poo bugs!