Monday, December 28, 2015

George and Martha

I desperately needed a new banner photo and my mind was blank and I just threw this one up there, to get that other one down. Smiller and I recently watched Night Of The Iguana (I have mixed feelings about it), but I was loving Richard Burton and we talked about Virginia Woolf so I thought of this. Voila! Why doesn't anyone locally produce any Albee plays? I've never seen one live. I'm excited Big Idea Theater is going to produce The Motherfucker With The Hat in a couple of weeks.
OK, so this Tamaya story is just the weirdest, in that, really, you can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to a space and the cops aren't even going to investigate? It obviously looks like the Tamaya owners, or maybe employees who didn't get paid or something. They poured cement down the drains, so how about looking to see who bought cement right before this, Columbo? This story is just bizarre for what is not said in it.
I just noticed Eatuscany Café (not into the name!) yesterday and here is this very fun to read review. JB does well with the dis reviews, could have used a better closer but hey it's got a great opener. I just don't really eat gelato so I may not go there. You know what I do eat - Russell Stover candies that my boss gave me because I am bored at work and everything on campus is closed so I can't get a snack. I feel sick.

Monday, December 21, 2015

The Stephen Glass of chocolate

Wow, if you care about such things, this four part article on a couple of fake bean-to-bar (yes, it's a thing) Brooklyn chocolatiers is hilarious. They are accused of being the Milli Vanilli of chocolate, and even dying their beards. It's funny, just yesterday I noticed that they were selling these bars at Insight and that I knew it had some crazy backstory, and then this article came out.
The Four Eyes Christmas show was super fun. I did not get as wasted as past years nor freak the light up Christmas tree, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and was not hungover yesterday! One of the best nights of the year, reliably.
I recommend Spotlight if you like long movies about journalism. Such an honorable profession, it's too bad that it's withering on the vine.

Wednesday, December 09, 2015


It's not online quite yet, but I have a piece in the SNR coming out this afternoon that's on Celebration
Arts, the African-American arts organization founded by the legendary James Wheatley. I just looked online to try and link it and I saw that besides the Kyle Kinane thing I wrote in March 2015, I haven't had anything in the SNR in over a year! Can that be true? It's really important to me to get back to writing something every once in a while. My transition to my "new" job (it's been 2 1/2 almost 3 years), and my actual new position (5-6 months) has been ROUGH. I am settling in a bit, so thanks to those who have supported me and listened to my whinging. Glad to get back on the horse, and thankful that editors still want me to write!