Tuesday, May 06, 2014

missed the GZA

I went to Madre Cervezeria last night at Mother. Very fun. The asparagus "Cochinita pibil" was spicy and satisfying. I think the spice came from the chile strips with a creamy sauce and my face was turning red even before I drank the beer. Loved the first beer, a Commons Saison, but between all the good food and conversation I really didn't pay as much attention to the beer overall as I normally would have. Also, the food got me feeling bloated up and I didn't really want all the beer. That is your daily window into my digestive system. There were churros to finish off the meal with just the right amount of salt and NM busted out a weird vanalla-y Bruery beer. It paired well but tasted like a cigar a little bit?  I hope they have more of these events. Very chill, and tons of beer and food for all. For 35 bucks you would be hard pressed to get that much food and special beer.  There was a lot of talk about IPA-gate and a little talk about Pizza-gate. So many controversies brewing lately and hmm I guess I have something to do with them. I must get something out of it, but that's between me and my therapist. See more re: pizzagate at foodways.

The Verge TV Dinner is on Saturday but I will be at No Bunny. Maybe I could bring some actual TV dinners there. No Bunny seems like he would be a fan.

What else? Can't think of anything. Probably stuff I am forgetting. I couldn't go see GZA because of that interview for Foodways. I had to transcribe it ASAP, so I sacrificed in order to roil the pot.


beckler said...

I do hate how mean the fb pizzagate comments are, though! That's why I wanted to do the interview.

DJ Rick said...

T minus 8 days 'til Tyvek!

Scott Miller said...

Just realized I'll be on a plane to Alaska while the Tyvek show is happening. :(

Anonymous said...

You're working on a salmon boat?


beckler said...

he's going to be on that king crab reality show.