Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Quick post that took awhile.

Uploading these took a while and I really should be packing to leave Brugge! We are at a crappy hostel filled with hormonal teens. But more about Brugge later, first, Amsterdam!

1-Thanks to Dani for telling us to stay in the Jordaan! So much nicer to wake up to what you see above than millions of sign declaring "english breakfast" and stores called "rasta baby"
I had thought of a bunch of other stuff to say, but if I want my watery free coffee I better go quick.

This Amsterdam cat is for Ed. C. I'm sure he's well aware that this city has great cats.
This was one of the best things we did, go to brouwerij t'ij in the old windmill. Their beer is delicious.

A keg of some delicious t'ij beer. They had an easter beer, which was pretty exciting.
Most people give you cheese and salami without bread. A little weird. But this was just as delicious as it looks. It was probably their plzen, one of my favorite beers ever on draught.


Anonymous said...

Nice pics-I am jealous as hell

-Ed C.

Anonymous said...

I love your pictures.
Glad you are having a good time, and free watery coffee.


Anonymous said...

I went to brouwerij t'ij, too, based on Ed C.'s suggestion. That was place was great. It's nice to see it again.

DJ Rick said...

The kid in a candy store metaphor is so old. It's really all about Smiller at the Brouwerij. That is the picture of mindboggling elation if I've ever seen it before! Hey, man...I gotta ask about a Bananas I know you can't wait to be back, huh?

The Armeniac said...

Hey Beks, where's the cookie sheets in the kitchen?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to try some Oude Genever!


Anonymous said...

Our houseboat is near Utrechtsestraat which seems off the tourist loop a bit. Hopefully it won't be too "rasta baby". I guess there is an amazing cheese shop near there. I am just excited to have a houseboat.


P.S. Armeniac, did you check in the secret drawer in the oven? Just a guess.

Caroline said...

does secret drawer in the oven = broiler? i think that's the one place we haven't checked. will get on that! we've got tater tots that need some cookin'!

Anonymous said...

So what happened? Did the tots get made?

Caroline said...

Tater Tot BBQ plans got canceled, will check broiler drawer tonight and report back on status.

But man, I want some tater tots right now!

smitty said...

Poor, Smiller, he's missing the article on the dead in the times. I feel so sorry for him out there in Belgium, in the dead free zone.

Anonymous said...

Bob Weir looks hotter than expected. It's going to be so awesome when I make out with him. You know, when I am backstage at the Dead show.


Anonymous said...

Note to Smiller:
Burgers 'n' Brews on R is open.
Beer selection looks great, saw some big bottles of Hitachino Nest....

Verification word:
"panate"- Karate variant involving lethal pans

Josh Nice said...

i love it when people put the photo they painted from right alongside their painting.