Tuesday, November 05, 2013

big news

I stayed in SF and left my phone charger. Of course I did, that is the customary item you leave. At least I can get Apple stuff on campus. Went to Nopa last night and it was wonderful wonderful. I will certainly eat there again. All the small plates were flawless. Wood-baked giant white beans with mild feta melted on top with salsa verde and intense tomato sauce. Toasted crunchy quinoa with smoked trout, pickles onions, and fish roe.  As almost always happens the entrĂ©e was not as good. Rabbit legs with risotto and snap peas. The rabbit legs were perfectly cooked (my sis called them "slimy" but I disagree) but the risotto was gummy and had a watery sauce. Fuck risotto. It's one of those things that you always order, chasing a perfection that never happens.  I had a glass of sparkling gamay rose to start and then a gamay with the rabbit. Perfect!! And it's not really that steep, especially if you just ordered a bunch of the small plates and salad or soup.  I spent almost as much at a casual dinner at The Press the other day.
I stayed in the deep sunset, which is annoyingly far from everything but it sure was nice to wake up to beautiful sunrise light bathing the city instead of the grossness of the mission. No offense to mission dwellers I know it has a lot of good qualities.
I made a monumental (to me) discovery today. Went to get breakfast at Posh Bagel which I haven't done in many years. They have the usual giant fluffy non-bagels bagels. They now have "mini bagels" which are pretty much the size and density of how a bagel should be! The chewiness and flavor is still lacking but they are halfway there! This is going to change weekend breakfasts for me and smiller. Note the egg on the tray for scale.

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