Friday, June 12, 2015

Finally watched the Sopranos

I haven't posted in sooooo long and I never posted about Japan! Maybe one little post will get me jumpstarted about a Japan post. Japan was so fun! I want to go back and this time we are thinking of exploring some new areas like Okinawa.

A couple of months ago I decided to finish watching the Sopranos, I had never gotten past mid 4th season. I finished it yesterday and it's weird to say that it actually made me really sad. Some of that is probably that I started watching it almost concurrent with its first airing, in a completely different time of my life. So there's a lot of nostalgia mixed in. Also, it's really sad that James Gandolfini is dead. When I first watched it I was closer to Meadow's age and now I am closer to Tony's age.

What a brilliant, disturbing show. What a crazy ending (I know, all of you that care got over this 8 years ago!) Then I went down the rabbit hole of reading long shot-by-shot analyses of the last episode, which just gave me insomnia and feverish half-asleep thoughts.

There's a Knock Knock show at the Bike Kitchen tomorrow. See you there?


Stephen Glass said...

I'm glad I did my epic "Sopranos" rewatch (I watched it first during its original airing) over a span of about six weeks a couple years ago, just months before James Gandolfini died. Watching it after that would've been too rough (and yes; to think at the time the first season was shot, Mr. G was only 37, so basically 10 years younger than I am now).
And I loved how the series ended, because I felt smart for thinking a few days before the final ep (jeez, eight years ago this month) "Wouldn't it be funny if we just ended up where we began -- with Tony out of therapy, with no real breakthrough from it, still chased by the law, with his marriage in not perfect shape and worrying both about his own kids and also nervous he might just get gunned someday?" And all eating dinner with his family, which is a callback to the final scene of the first season, when they eat during a storm at Vesuvio's, which David Chase had meant as a possible default final scene for the whole series, since he figured it'd get cancelled after one season.

Natalie Rose said...

Did she finish the sopranos? How was Japan? She did see me there.