Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Enjoyably savage

This review is pretty savage - and well written! An enjoyable diss.  I myself had a great time in my one visit (ever) to Paragary's in July, but I decidedly did not have my critic hat on and also had my meal paid for as a present. Also, I got the quail as my entrée, which was her favorite thing, so maybe I just got lucky.
The burger stuff was also fun to read. That's cool that Pangaea won best burger. I don't eat a lot of burgers, but I like theirs. I agree with their assessment that it shouldn't be too damned big. I will try the Magpie one and South ones soon, I swear by all that is holy! It's funny that barely being able to move around because of my broken toe (ok, at this point, 2 weeks on, I am using it as an excuse) has not caused me to gain any weight. I think when I exercise I just eat more.


Scott Miller said...

In case you were wondering what hat she did have on, it was her birthday fedora.

beckler said...

One thing I worried about when I couldn't sleep last night was how self-absorbed the post was, rambling on about my toe. Like anyone cares or expects any different from me!

Scott Miller said...

"Area Blogger Self-Absorbed"

Anonymous said...

Magpie took their burger off the menu when our story came out. So Magpie.