Friday, March 13, 2009


Lots of stuff to do this weekend.  Ganglians, What's Up? and Eat Skull at Luigis tonight.  Sellout buyout on saturday.

I'm pretty excited about this show at the MidMo that opens on Saturday.  I really like this lithograph.  What is a lithograph, anyway?  Here's the info:

But I Don't Drink Tea...
New prints by Dan Quillan

A new show from UC Davis' Print Lab maestro (and local musician with Art Lessing and the Flower Vato) DanQuillan.  Inspired by a teapot, Quillan's new series of etchings and lithographs take this common household object into unexpected territory.  Finely detailed, Quillan's work blooms with close inspection, revealing both the artist's skill and a finely tuned sense of whimsy.  

If you've been meaning to get out to the gallery here's a good excuse!

Second Saturday Reception
March 14, 6 - 10 pm
MidMo Gallery
1719 25th Street


Anonymous said...

Depression Discount at Luigi's tonight: $5 with password "Leroy"



Anonymous said...

Lithographs traditionally involve limestones, a leveler, acid, grease, gum arabic, ink, and paper. The stone is pretty much treated in that order, drawn, painted, etc. with grease, inked and shoved through a press. Lithography is mostly commercially done with aluminum plates nowadays.

That kinda doesn't look like a typical litho print. I'd say he went to town with the mezzotint rocker and burnished image out.

Anonymous said...

Luigi's sounds like fun, but Old I will rule the city tonight!


DJ Rick said...

Eat Skull's new upcoming album will be with them in advance CDR form with special artwork. If you get this future eBay grail, you will be treated to the best album of 2009 so far.

This will almost certainly be the wildest kinda fun that you will experience at the Fungarden. That is truly one of the best bands on the planet today, bursting with energy and great, fun/funny personality.

The Armeniac said...

Also the Ancient Sons are playing at Old I. we are first, round 945.

Anonymous said...

The most awesome word verify...

It`s Tradra baby!!!

Suppose it`s a cross between an ebay seller and an Ultraman Monster!!

I will sell Mayyors rekid for $50.00!!!Look out it`s Tradra!!Then Hiroshi turns into Ultraman.
And beats Tradra up and he lowers his price by half and throws in some stickers from the opening band at a Mayyors show.

Kumamoto has an Ultraman Amusement Park.It`s fun and they even have a Ultraman Restuarant where the servers dress as Ultraman and other things..

Take Care-