Monday, August 18, 2014

gee whillikers

Oh boy oh boy oh boy Satan Wriders and 2014 at Café Colonial on Wednesday. Come see the stars of this NPR story and peep what this hip Stockton scene is all about!


DJ Rick said...

I love those vacant storefront shows in Stockton. The bands are all really rad, and the fans are really cool, too. It really reminds of a 90s Loft-type community or early-00s Davis house-show heyday except far easier to just waltz right in and make friends with everybody. Also, white males are a minority. So, maybe it is more like The Smell circa 2004-2005.

beckler said...

I think it's rad how young bands in general have more women and minorities. And was it 2013 Halloween show that had more women than men?