Monday, September 08, 2014

squeezing one out

It's been so long since my last post because as I lagged I got overwhelmed by the amount of photos I needed to upload, stuff I should write about, etc. Well, the word "overwhelmed" is a bit dramatic but I was just having a hard time getting around to it.
So you will just have to always wonder what I have been up to the last few weeks and here's what's up now. I got the cover of Feast in the SacBee! So cool! I love having Tim Swanson as editor and he was quite patient with my crappy first version. Too much exposition! Show, don't tell! Etc.!
Darrell Corti sent me a nice email telling me they sold out of cookies. The power of the Bee!
Pitchfork reviewed the Cassie Ramone album (I was reading it because she loves Sac and the Bananas, which is why I know about Vivian Girls in the first place), and they had two Sac comparisons: The Softies and Jean Jean, Molly Schick's solo thing. Pretty random.
Glad I squeezed a post out. Maybe now I will be able to get it rolling again.


Anonymous said...

These cookies are so rad! I just found out about them this summer and gave a box to some out of town friends. It was fun to give something so uniquely Sac that wasn't as corny as all that stuff you can get in Old Sac.


yolkie said...

I know what your mean about being blog overwhelmed. I have months of stuff to post still and it stops me from ever posting something new because I feel like I need to finish the backlogged stuff first. I really should just post anything

beckler said...

yeah, today is the first day of the rest of your life!