Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bday nymphomaniac

It's Scott's birthday today!!! We are going to the Waterboy with his family. Yay! I love Waterboy it fits like a velvet/iron glove or something like that. I bought him three highly/practical, boring presents. I wish I had something more fun, but as I was talking to him about that he pointed to his room that is piled with more books and records than he could read/listen to in ten years.

I watched Nymphomaniac 1 and 2. Garbage! Just one more piece of refuse in a huge pile that Von Trier has created. I don't know how they faked all the sex and whippings, etc., but WB said that he read that some of the genitals were greenscreened. If that is true I would like to see the unaltered footage. Christian Slater (yes, you read that right) gives an insanely crappy performance, and Shia LeBouf's (yes, you read that right) accent is atrocious. Skarsgaard and Gainsbourg do fine with what they are given. Four hours! I watched it over like a week though. Honestly, I would play solitaire on my phone during the non-dirty parts. Oh god, the music is so dorky too.


Stephen Glass said...

I think Von Trier has lost me. Not that he's trying very hard to look. Thanks for watching it so myself and others don't have to.

Cody S. said...

I kinda liked it, mostly because the on-purpose funny parts were funnier and it was quirkier/lighter than I expected (compared to Antichrist and Melancholia, which were supposed to form some kind of trilogy of dperession with this one.)

I don't think he green screened the genitals, rather he used actual porn actors and replaced their heads with the "real" actors.

Scott Miller said...

So glad to not hear this movie wafting downstairs as I try to read one of my million books! Mom put the kibosh on Waterboy! Maybe it's because I'm old but there's no text to type in this confirmation thing, just a picture with no numbers or letters.

sarah said...

happy birthday, scott!