Friday, April 24, 2015

but he doesn't have a wife or smoke weed

The Bananas had a super posi, fun show the other night. It was such a great way for them to emerge from hiatus. They opened for the Dead Milkmen. I am a fake punk and never listened to The Dead Milkmen and I had no idea they had a legion of rabid fans and were so influential! Mike and Marie from Bananas are both huge fans so they were thrilled to be on the bill. The Bananas rocked it and it was awesome to be in a crowd with a bunch of people who had never seen the Bananas and got their mind blown. They blew through almost all of their merch, mostly from people who had just seen them for the first time. Their next show in Sac is June 20th at the Hideaway with G Green. The Hideaway shows I have seen lately have been great so I'm really looking forward to that.
This is a crazy scandal in the local hip hop scene. It's worth taking a look at the guy's explanation video because it's hella ridic! This is a funny quote:
Lei said he’d heard about Task1ne using other people’s verses about a year ago but didn’t really know how deep it went. He said looking back it seemed obvious because Task1ne would rap about having a wife and smoking weed, but he doesn’t have a wife or smoke weed.
Speaking of scandal, the SNR has a piece this week where they got ahold of a bunch of the mayor's and his minion's emails. There's one that makes it clear that Breton gets his orders from the mayor's office. How is it possible that he won't be fired over this?!?
For example, here’s an excerpt of an email from Dorso to the mayor and his lieutenants, on March 15, 2013:
“Met with [Sacramento Bee columnist] Marcos Breton today and put him in the dog house. He tried to back peddle [sic] saying it was just more neutral than negative. I hit him on this saying he needs to keep in mind his goals and focus on economic benefits of downtown development. He said he would do a better article Sunday. We will see.”

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