Thursday, April 16, 2015

quick one

It's been long that I have posting anxiety so I will just do a quick one with a link to a Nordstrom festival pop up shop. It has such helpful items as a bathing suit with James Franco's face on it.
I am eating leftover Bombay chana masala that got so spicy since yesterday that I can barely stand it. It's really good, though! Their pakoras and samosas are also bomb. I didn't eat any meat yesterday and Bombay made that easy since I think their vegetarian dishes are their best.

Oh yeah, and tonight is the first Heckarap that I'm not involved with. I'm not going. I know this was a good decision. I hope Mike C. gets a good turnout though.

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DJ Rick said...

How is the Wood Wood "Jean" Dress worth $125 when you can just wear a big shirt from any thrift store, and it wouldn't be anymore unflattering?