Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Great Show!!

The Trash Talk show was really fun. If you don't know, that's a hardcore band that is really popular, and they're from Sac (link to Blake's article). The crazy thing is that despite being around for years, they have only played once here. Sounds kind of jerkish, right? The show was at Harlows and was 15 bucks. I would say that it was not very well attended. In SF they are playing the Independent, which is big, but who knows, maybe that wasn't that well attended either. They were really fun and really good. Super pro in the showmanship sense of the word. I was poking around for videos (some of which have almost a million views) and I see that Jay Howell animated one, which makes sense as to why they gave him a shoutout. They also gave a shoutout to Tales of Terror. I felt disappointed in (at?) Sacramento that it wasn't better attended. I'm guessing they won't play here again, although in fairness Harlow's is a really weird venue for it. Blue Lamp would have maybe been a good substitute. The front dude is still charismatic enough that he got a huge pit going and urged everyone to ignore the stage diving policy at the end. NM counted 16 stage dives in one short song. Harlows kicked a lot of people out.

Rat King opened and they were janky, cute little crew. Pretty creative and I liked the electronic drum/beat machine that they use. They were not psyched on the crowd and they seemed to be in a fight at the end because they were told they only had one song left and the white dude wanted to do two. The other guy left the stage while he did the last one. Another weird thing about the show is that it had to end really early because it was all ages - by ten.

A rap producer originally from Sac (Lee Bannon) opened the show, and he was really interesting, too! I thought he was a rapper so I didn't know what I was watching but I was digging it. He did a jungle-house-ish mix of an old Erykah Badu song. I didn't know that Blake interviewed him, but here it is. I'm going to have to check out the Alternate/Endings album. Maybe jungle will be my new thing? Scott will be psyched about that!


Anonymous said...

Alternate/Endings is more D&B and I'm sure Scott will like that ja ja.

Forgot that I interviewed Lee Bannon as well: http://www.newsreview.com/sacramento/up-all-night-with-lee/content?oid=5104864


Scott Miller said...

I vote for getting in to anything that can't translate in to a Press Club DJ night.

Cody S. said...

Man, I wish I would've gone to see Trash Talk. I'll admit to kind of being turned off by them because they never play Sac, but I guess it's dumb to not see them play in Sac because of it. The real reason was it was a Tuesday night and it was at Harlow's but if I would have known it had to be over by 10 I would have gone. Bummer.

It sounds like the new thing you should get really into is current day hardcore. We can start a youth crew. Is that a thing? Did I use that phrase right?

Natalie Rose said...

Youth Crew!

Time to get very serious and work on my kicks.


Anonymous said...

getting into d&b in 2015 would be a power move. retro like


Anonymous said...

and then you could be all opinionated about it, like "i don't like first wave d&b. i only like the new stuff."