Monday, March 02, 2015


This is my favorite film I've seen in a long time. Well, since Inherent Vice, but one of my favorite Japanese films ever. Up there with Kurosawa. The use of  sound is incredible, and it has an intense, earthy sexuality. It's nice to get DVDs in the mail because I got to watch an interview with the director, who was 90 at the time and still making films. He lived to 100. Kaneto Shindo. 45 credits as director and over 150 writing credits. He talked about how the cast and crew all lived in a hut in a rice field for 30 days to film it to create the atmosphere he wanted, and it shows. Now this is what I'd like to see on the big screen, no offense to Goonies! But I know 5 people would show up.

Satan Wriders were typically good the other day in Davis and they have a show with Vasas and Monster Treasure at the Press on March 24th. SW just moved to Sac! Maybe the young Stockton crew can be the new Yuba crew as far as moving here and enriching the city. Satan Wriders AND Jeff Koons, we are all set.

Beer Week! Woo! Beer week! Tuesday Magpie is having a Faction tap takeover and Bike Dog is at West Capitol Bowl. I am going to try to hit both. Thursday Pangaea is having a Shelton Bros night with unbelievable brews on. Tonight is Madre at Mother with a crazy keg from Santa Adairus but it is sold out.


DJ Rick said...

One of the Young Stockton crew moved to Davis last year for school. I'd love to see them more often in Sacto. Never long on excuses, they are energetic and resourceful and so fun and friendly.

beckler said...

Eli is working at Lumens and they are living right off Broadway.

Madre was crazy fun and I got really drunk on the Sante sour beer. It was delish! My second fave was the Bike Dog sage and peppercorn beer. Track 7 had one with sassafrass, which was a weird combo.

Caroline said...

I watched Onibaba a few years ago and yes, so amazing!