Tuesday, February 24, 2015


I was surprised I liked Still Alice so much. Cried like a baby multiple times and man is the last scene WRENCHING. I had assumed it was the typical Oscar bait-type film but it was way better. From my times of reading more about neurological diseases, I have more hope that Alzheimer's will one day have a cure or way better treatment than I do about autism. But I don't really know what's going on currently with either. Well, besides that we all know that vaccines cause autism. And deodorant causes Alzheimer's. If you are into seeing a depressing, haunting movie by one of the most mesmerizing, beautiful actresses in the world, then see it. Not talking about Kristen Stewart, although she is in it and rocks a cool silk baseball embroidered jacket that you can totally tell is hers. Alec Baldwin is pretty blank in it as a character so it's not perfect but it's all about Julianne Moore.
It's not on Facebook (shocker!) but Satan Wriders, Monster Treasure, and a Burger band with the dumb name Dude York are playing tomorrow in Davis. My love for Satan Wriders is going to overpower my hatred of staying in Davis after work.


DJ Rick said...

Satan Wriders are so great.
Gonna go see Hannibal Burress instead this time, but now I vow to make it to see the next Satan Wride in Stockton.

beckler said...

I didn't get tickets to Hannibal burress because they were too expensive, but now I'm glad cuz I save $$$ and see a good show. Comedy prices are kind of outrageous, especially compared to music prices.

Scott Miller said...

Wait, comedy shows aren't $5 anymore??

DJ Rick said...

Well, y'know...They hafta carry all that gear up and down staircases.

Anonymous said...

Kristen Stewart is much better in "Clouds of Sils Maria". I've also heard some good things about "Camp X-Ray".