Monday, December 21, 2015

The Stephen Glass of chocolate

Wow, if you care about such things, this four part article on a couple of fake bean-to-bar (yes, it's a thing) Brooklyn chocolatiers is hilarious. They are accused of being the Milli Vanilli of chocolate, and even dying their beards. It's funny, just yesterday I noticed that they were selling these bars at Insight and that I knew it had some crazy backstory, and then this article came out.
The Four Eyes Christmas show was super fun. I did not get as wasted as past years nor freak the light up Christmas tree, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and was not hungover yesterday! One of the best nights of the year, reliably.
I recommend Spotlight if you like long movies about journalism. Such an honorable profession, it's too bad that it's withering on the vine.


Stephen Glass said...

Hey, wait -- I had nothing to do with this!

DJ Rick said...

These guys and James Harden make me ashamed to have a beard. But then I see Pharma-Bro is cleanshaven, so it doesn't matter.

If I can send my blood sample to the Mormons and they can tell me what percent Mexican or British or Scandinavian I am, I wonder if any lab tests were ever done on their suspicious chocolates.

DaveNinja said...

no blood at this years xmas show!