Thursday, February 09, 2017

Spray the Champagne

Went to see the Kings last night with some peeps and I was all bummed that Cousins was suspended but that actually made the game super fun to watch and they blew out the Celtics! The trio of Collison, Cauly-Stein and Barnes had hustle and flow. And no babyman getting T-ed up or running off the court like a little bitch. I had two good brews (Bike Dog and Fieldwork) and a vegan sausage from Lowbrau, which was pretty good. Pretty similar to what you can get there. I was going to go with the duck fat fries, because I used to love those when I would go to Low Brau, but they looked totally different so I demurred.

I watched the recent Noisey episode on Atlanta rap and some observations are that Young Thug is a total dick and Lil Yachty is an actual big nerd. Their Atlanta series from a year or so ago was really good, but I'm surprised they would have this one hosted by a different generic white guy, one who really adds nothing. Why not blow minds and have, oh, I don't know, a woman of color hosting? Too crazy, right? Migos are so cool looking and I listened to Spray the Champagne today for the first time (from a mixtape from last year that I haven't listened to) and they are really deconstructing rap in this brilliant way. The chorus is like an incantation. I love it! I have to watch the series "Atlanta", I hear it's really good.
Aw man, I think Werner Herzog is gonna be at SFMOMA tomorrow night, but I'll be in LA. Oh well, it's sold out anyway. SFMOMA is showing a ton of good films coming up, I think I might buy tickets to see "the land of silence and darkness" just in case so it won't sell out. Driving to SF on a Thursday night is rough, though. Oh crap and it's at 6? I just watched Fata Morgana recently, or should I say, I just slept through it recently.


DJ Rick said...

I don't know how you can stand to watch Matt Barnes. He is the closest thing to Steve Bannon as there is in the NBA, Andrew Bogut and Spencer Hawes notwithstanding.

beckler said...

How so like Steve Bannon?!?!?!

DJ Rick said...

He is the closest thing to the pure evil or an action movie villain as anyone in the league. For the Kings to have signed him and Ty Lawson this summer after seemingly great family guy and ultimate team player Darren Collison was arrested for domestic violence (and plead guilty after much speculation and rumor during a long investigation process) is pretty outrageous.

After the Collison issue, the organization even made a statement along the lines of "We take domestic violence very seriously." Then just a week or two later, they sign Lawson (the guy who's had four DUIs and still won't comply with teams demanding he go to rehab, and who was once arrested for domestic violence after allegedly (so yeah, basically, it happened!) pushing his pregnant girlfriend during an argument) and Barnes, the guy who just a summer ago reportedly drove through L.A. traffic to avenge Twitter-tattlers at a backyard BBQ at his ex-wife's house telling him that his ex-teammate was fraternizing with her. He reportedly chased him around the backyard and house and had to be restrained by several others. So, basically, he thinks that his ex-wife is still his property, and that the house that the judge awarded her in the divorce settlement is still his property, too. He made nice a few days later on social media to say that co-parents hafta remain respectful and continue to love each other as partners in parenting. Nice words, but after choking woman (allegedly) in a NYC nightclub this year, any additional leash afforded him seems undeserved.

Besides that, the dude is such a dirty and dishonorable player from a sportsmanship standpoint.

beckler said...

How have I not read this, considering I read the Bee every day?!?!?

EL (who I attended the game with) hates Matt Barnes and also booed Floyd Mayweather heartily when he came up on the court screen thingy. Another domestic abuser!