Monday, March 28, 2005

Happy Easter Baby Jesus!

I would LOVE to post any ratgrabbin' pictures. So email 'em to me if you want them up.

This may be a post of limited interest to some (which may not distinguish it from all my other posts). I read this creepy little two-pager in the NY times about a woman that is obsessed with her husband and talks about how she loves him much more than her kids and vice versa. It was so weird that I knew that someone on one of the gossip blogs I read would talk about it, and turns out it was written by the wife of the novelist Michael Chabon, of Kavalier and Klay fame. So, it that sounds even vaguely interesting to you, check it out. It's bizarre.

Let's see...what's up. In Davis today there is an insane migration of teenage Monarch butterflies. I'm not sure if this is happening in Sac, too. The air is filled.

Two firsts this weekend: I lost my virginity and had my first drink. J.K. that could have been my blog entry from about '93 (which would have made me 19, for the record). Back then, blogs were called diaries and you hid them under your bed. But seriously, painfully lame jokes aside-I went to a show at the Fool's foundation and took my first ride on the bike trail. I know, I know it's weird that I've never been on the bike trail before but in general I don't like to engage in any activity which will make me sweat. I make an exception for strenuous eating. The Bright Ideas sounded great, mostly because Miller had prepared me for it to be echoey, and it wasn't as echoey as I thought it would be. I guess there was a dance party there on friday night, so if anyone went, let me know how it was. I cut out before the other band. I shouldn't have done that. I heard they were good. The bike trail thing was earlier on saturday and should lead to a Spring of exploring the bike trails. It was great.

On Easter sunday I went to church and thought about how baby Jesus miraculously crawled out of that cave or wherever he was. Not really. I actually attended a performance of a Gilbert and Sullivan opera? operetta? thing at Sierra 2. A friends sister was in the cast. This friend tricked me by not telling me until we had 5 minutes to go in that the thing was 3 hours long. The opera started out really slowly and I was dreading sitting there all that time and contemplating cutting out at the intermission, but I stuck it out and it was pretty entertaining. I was very touched that there are people that love singing and performing so much that they will do it without being paid and in the spare time that they have after their regular job. It had a live orchestra, so that was cool, too.

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