Thursday, March 24, 2005

hipsters, hipsters everywhere

Here's a little tip for you: if you call in an order for dine-in at Zelda's (it's always a good idea to call ahead because the pizzas take about 50 minutes to make and bake) and you get there and it's insanely crowded and you tell the only waitress you can flag down after waiting for 10 minutes for someone to notice that you're there that you will take it to go instead, make sure to keep inquiring about the status of your pizza, because they will let you sit there like a weiner forever and never tell you that your fucking pizza is done and is just sitting there getting cold. Just a tip.

Over the now cold, soggy pizza at the TOHTUL ETERNUHTY FEHST house (I'm only calling it this because I think it's funny that the noise dude downstairs has christened Mike Banana's house with this name) Grace, Mike Banana and I had an interesting discussion that brought up more questions than it answered. So I'm turning to you, my readers, to help me out. We were talking about the proliferation of kids that I will call "hipsters" for lack of a better term. We were trying to figure these super styley kids out, mostly just wondering what the hell kind of music they listen to and would any of us have any bands in common with them if we were to strike up a conversation. We came to a few tentative conclusions: 1) These kids do not seem very friendly or ever look like they are having a good time. They tend to be quite dour. 2) There are definitely some sub-groups going on in there, they're not all into the same thing. I posited that there is a sort of noise music type of kid, like the ones downstairs at theTOHTUL ETERNUHTY FEHST house. These kids seem nicer and a lot of them have beards. I kind of have a handle on some of the music they are into. Then there are the kids that Mike B. called the "fake New York techno-clash or whatever the fuck it is" kids. They are the ones that have expensive haircuts, jeans, and seem pretty unfriendly. What kind of bands do these kids like?

Of course, these are just generalizations. I know some younger people that are quite nice and don't fit into either of these groups. But there are so many of these new people that I occasionally see at shows or certain parties and I just can't figure them out. So hopefully somebody has some insight. There may be more subgroups that I don't know about, too.

I'm gonna feel like an idiot if no one comments and I will probably delete this post. So, even if you don't know, you can just make something up. Wild speculation is welcome.


Anonymous said...

Then there are the kids that Mike B. called the "fake New York techno-clash or whatever the fuck it is" kids. They are the ones that have expensive haircuts, jeans, and seem pretty unfriendly. What kind of bands do these kids like?

these were all the brace face teeny boppers i saw at the !!! show last summer. the ones my girlfriend and i kept finding ourselves marvelling "kids these days!" i think these kids like miss kitten (UGH!), !!! (but probably not outhud), joy division (but limited new order; probably heard orgy's 'blue monday' first), and since they are in california: numbers. i guess these are predictable guesses, but i think we are talking about predictable people? and i am totally out of touch, thankfully.

Anonymous said...

A very reliable source tells me these kids listen mainly to doo-wop.


Alice said...

i think the "fake NYC" peeps go dancing at the clubs. but i don't go to the clubs so i'm not certain. i think they shop at the mall too cause sometimes when i go to the mall to get a new bra or something there's a lot of them there. i think the noise band kids like experimental jazz and probably talk about ornette coleman a lot. that's just my speculation though. one thing is for certain--they're making me feel old school and i'm only 27.

alexandra k said...

hmm. well those wannaNYCelectroclash hipsters seem to be trying a wee bit too hard. they can be summed up with this joke:

Q: "how many hipsters does it take to change a light bulb?"

A: "what? you don't know?"

Unknown said...

we were having a really similar conversation the other night.

i'm kinda pissed these "hipsters" have it so easy. remember how hard we had to work to look "cool" in high school?

at the very least, we had to walk three miles in the snow to the thrift stores.

now, they just go to the mall. it's all right there for them.

Anonymous said...

The TOTAHL ETHERNITY HOUSE thing had me laughing for, like, days. I don't know who these hipster kids are, but they need to start some bands instead of going to LIPSTICK. But you know what? They probably do have bands and they probably play at a TOTALLY SECRET EXCLUSIVE practice space where only their friends are invited. Badical.

In other news, Danny has the RAT GRABBIN' pictures developed. I should start a RAT GRABBIN' website devoted to RAT GRABBIN'.