Monday, October 27, 2008

oh what a night!

Can the word "wedding" really encompass the spectrum of vibes that occurred this weekend?  It's like we need a new word.  There were so many great moments, but some of the highlights included the best man sharing how his love of James Woods have bonded he and the groom together for life, the father of the bride praising the city of Sacramento and all our wonderful trees, that same dad losing his shit when "I wanna dance with somebody" by Whitney Houston came on, the song "december 1963, oh what a night" played twice in a row (I wish it had been thrice), "Porcupine Pie"making its long-awaited (by me) appearance, walking home barefoot (I should have known better as this happened to me the last time I went to a wedding at the Masonic Hall), and a million other things that I can't even put into woods.  Of course the best moment of all was when Janatalie were officially bonded into one celebrity supercouple.  
The funniest thing I heard about the afterwedding is that a certain trio of dudes stayed up until dawn drinking Kahlua on the tracks, went to the Zebra at 6, got kicked out, went to the Flame, got cut off (a quote according to Goodtimes: No, you can't have another drink. I shouldn't have served you the first one.), then tried to sneak back into the Zebra and got kicked out again. They really gave it their all.
I have three wishes: that I could print the text of the best man's speech (I heard the Armeniac had a copy and left it!), that the bachelor party Elvis movie gets posted to youtube, and the MH print her cupcake recipe.


beckler said...

oh yeah, it was really a wonderful treat that MH picked all the delicious wines. They were so refreshing.

Anonymous said...

Pictures! Where they at?


beckler said...

mine are terrible, plus i have to preserve my secret identity. but there is going to be a flickr pool set up. i checked this morning and i don't think anyone has added to it yet.

Anonymous said...

Some pictures are here:
Hopefully more will be up soon. We forgot to put it in the instructions, but people should label them so we know who took what.
Also we got some presents without cards, the first was a copy of Master of Puppets on lp, which we assumed was from Charles and Christine, but the next one we opened was The Henry Rollins Show on DVD, which also seems like its from Charles. Charles, care to shed any light on this?
But enough talk about Charles. Thanks again everybody for all your help and your partying.

Anonymous said...

I can't remember if I put a card on it but that Bacardi Razz was from me.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if 'Janatalie' is the best name for Sacramento's newest super couple. It makes it sound like I married Natalie. Which I could have and still could for atleast another week. It's not too late Natalie!

Anonymous said...

OK, jamattack! This hitting on married women has to stop. Every pic of you on the flickr site so far is you macking on some dude's wife. Home wrecker!


Liv Moe said...

damn your bacardi razz smiller. damn it to hell! worst cough syrup shot ever! although watching in awe as OMF pounded the last shot of it was pretty amusing.

bacardi razz aside, however, that wedding was rad! in the future i'm going to evaluate the quality of a wedding based on whether i get to dance with the bride's father to do ya think i'm sexy.


Anonymous said...

ladies love me, girls adore me, even the ones who never saw me...
wow, you're kind of right. shame on me, or shame on them....?
btw, anyone want to play fantasy bball? still got some space in my league. Email me stat.

beckler said...

I just noticed I wrote "the MH". C'mon, bust that apple cider cupcake recipe, or actually maybe don't, I am feeling a wee bit squeezed into my Cheryl Tiegs jeans lately.

Anonymous said...

Just this morning my dad was complimenting my friends dancing skills.

and I was complimenting his skills at showing up at the wedding with a fifth of tequila at 10:00.

The Armeniac said...

I think the best part , besides the tear jerking nuptial poetry(Aznavour you touch me deep in my Armo heart), was everyone holding hands and running in a circle round Papa Head near the end of the night. Very sweet moment. Jay's got the best Father-In-Law of all time, the man can drink some Uzo! I would've liked a few more plays of Oh What A Night and more countdowns to a happy new year which naturally come with it.
I got to see off the boys goin back to the NW in a tiny,tiny Hybrid. Like 5 dirty drunken sardines they were packed in.Fantastic. And big ups to JJ for truly backing up his word and being the drunkest dude of the weekend, he was on fire and has the bruises to prove it. Sterling, you get runner up for still being the drunkest on Sunday and what kind of name is Sterling? I've never heard of such a silly name! Fuck you Buddy Holly!

M. H. said...

That wedding was the BEST!!!! I like your accidental (?) typo, "...and a million other things that I can't even put into woods."

Here's a link to the recipe (I see now it's a recipe from the 90s, very appropriate!):


Anonymous said...

I don't understand why you are being so aggressive.


The Armeniac said...

Maybe if yr name wasn't so "funny" I wouldn't have to be so aggressive! Ever think a that? Maybe you should've thought of that before you picked such an outlandishly absurd name to name yourself.
Seriously though, I hope y'all are feeling ok today. It was awesome seeing all my friends again and I can't wait till March!If I had to be crammed into a car I couldn't imagine a funner crew to be crammed with. Oooh....that sounds dirty.

beckler said...

why are you cramming in march? are you going up there? i want to cram, too! cram me!

The Armeniac said...

Sorry heckasac, March is National Man-Cramming Month, no ladies allowed.
Still leaves eleven months to get crammed though.

talkaboutcharles said...

Dear Biz,

Guilty as charged on both accounts.


ps. A screening of the Rollins show DVD at your house soon? Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

well done charles, well done.


Anonymous said...

MH forgot to mention that she replaced the shortening in that recipe with butter.