Tuesday, October 07, 2008

those mates of state sure know how to party

Let's play a game.  I'll tell you what I drank last night and you can tell me how I'm feeling right now.

1. Pale ale early in the evening with dinner
2. Sam Adams Oktoberfest (disgusting)
3. well gin martini (disgusting, not finished)
4. huge glass of the worst red wine imaginable
5. shot of tequila
6. bottle of water (this is why I'm still alive)
7. smaller shot of tequila

I'll consider any kind of answer, from the conceptual ("you feel like pond scum in a pond that has dried up") to the quotidian ("dog poo").  Prize to be determined.

I'll tell you what I'm NOT feeling like-going to see Dark Star Orchestra.  


beckler said...

does anyone else think that it is sensationalistic of the bee to place that bus crash above the fold instead of the mayoral debate? the bush crash is sad and newsworthy, but it's not as critical to the city as the mayoral race. i heard fargo did well.

Anonymous said...

Would it change your mind if I told you I had a special bottle of Western Family vodka set aside for the show tonight?


Anonymous said...

Do you feel 6 shots of Blackberry liquer in 5 minutes bad?
I'm surprised I didn't find you doing laps in my pool last night to sober up...

Anonymous said...

Its true I hear the pool leaves you feeling alert, refreshed and sober.


Jeff M. said...

You feel like...
John McCain's trick knee. The tight little fist of Nixonian rage that is Sarah Palin's soul. Global capitalism. That dull ache of epistemic doubt that never gives you a moment's rest. Being trapped in a small room with a bunch of emo girls and nothing to watch on TV but Charmed.

Anonymous said...

You feel like the 3rd Bob Weir solo record.


JB said...

You feel like you have a pair of underpants pulled over your brain.

(credit for that image belongs to Kelly O, not me)

beckler said...

you're close...very close

Anonymous said...

Steve's litterbox after we get back from a vacation??


Anonymous said...

You feel like a sandwich left at the bottom of Dark Star Orchestra Phil Lesh's fanny pack for a couple of weeks.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should've taken up the offer to mix some Pepsi in with that wine.

I think you feel as bad as anyone who had the honor of spending the evening in the VIP "Lounge" at Harlow's should feel.


Anonymous said...

Would you say you felt like Paris Hilton Benji Hooter? That reminds me. Shouldn't someone make a drink called a Paris Hilton Benji Shooter?


beckler said...

Joshua Ploeg is selling his food at Pangea cafe on Franklin starting tomorrow. And he's still seeling food at Pieces, too. Here's what will be at both places:

Two Salads-
one: Quinoa, Roasted Corn, Roasted Beets, Smoked Sundried Tomatoes, Artichoke Hearts, Parsley, Red Onion, Herbs, Pomegranate Seeds and Pumkin Seed Vinaigrette
two: Cannellini, Sauteed Greens, Peppers, Capers, Herbs, Roma Tomatoes in a Toasted Garlic Dressing

Two Pockets-
one: A larger version of the Spicy Veggie "Beef" Empanadas, with more veggies
two: Spinach, Veggies, Almonds, Olives in a Creamy Dill-Garlic-Herb Sauce

A Dip/ Spread for their Baguette-
Roasted Eggplant and Broad Bean Puree with Lemon

and I am doing some Tempeh "Bacon" for them so they can make vegetarian BLT's and paninis

should be swell- it has seating/outdoor seating but you order deli style at the counter, and I believe it is open until 7pm at least (maybe 8).

And Pieces- I brought calzones in a few days ago and will be sure to troop over another batch this week- the Eggplant Marinara and the Mushroom Pesto
I have also designed a new flavor- Veggie "Chickn", Zucchini, Onions and Herbs in a Creamy Roasted Garlic Sauce
should be good I'll let you know when that debuts- they may also take my brownies soon as well
1309 21st St. is their address
and of course it's a good place to get Arrogant Bastard or Lagunitas IPA on tap to have with your numnums
Anyway, happy eating- hope some of you get it!

Anonymous said...

Also, by popular demand Pieces now has Paris Hilton Benji Shooters. They're not as good as the one's at Hooters but the one I had yesterday got me wasted.


Count Mockula said...

I had a night or two like that. I felt like canned haggis afterwards.

Alice said...

do you feel like someone punched you in the head with a bag full of vomit?

Anonymous said...

Josh's food was particulary great at Pangea's this evening and it's a cool place that could definitely use people's support.

Anonymous said...

Can I get a Dark Star Orchestra report?


The Armeniac said...

It was beautiful sister...the colors ..the sights ..the sounds I can almost remember it now. Pretty righteous, the staff got a contact high as it was the smokiest I've EVER seen that place. As would be fitting for my first trip to see a Dead cover band they performed , in it's entirety, the set of June 19th 1980 at the Oakland Coloseum. Didn't recognize more than two songs one of those being 'Good Lovin' which was much better than the og Deads version of said song. Truly a magic night, I felt like a turtle dancing under a full moon.

Anonymous said...


Mike R Mike namedropped on Pitchfork! Check out the Vivian Girls review, and how they are stoked to play the same guitar as Mike from the Bananas. Weirdly, I had just ordered the Vivian Girls record a few days ago without knowing that they worship at the altar of Mike R Mike.

Rock the Light plays at Luigi's Fun Garden Sunday.

Dark Star Orchestra didn't make me feel like a turte dancing in the moonlight as much as it made me feel like the face of Jerry Garcia melting away with the words "All The Years Combined" above it. Oh yes, my favorite part of of the show was this dude's shirt that had a picture of Jerry's face melting and the words "All the Years Combined" written above it.


Madeline said...

Working the Dark Star Orchestra show was possibly one of the best nights I've worked at the Crest. Not only do Deadheads know how to tip, but they also continually told me I was awesome. There was a some guy wearing a "Rock 'n Roll is my Religion" t-shirt who would tell us dirty jokes, repeatedly. One guy found a bunch of money on the floor and put in our tip jar. The staff could not stop laughing at the end of the night, I don't know why... I also made a lot of friends when I gave away the leftover hot dogs at the end of the night.


Anonymous said...

You feel like: What it feels like to be touched by The Brian Peppers.

Mr. S. Lyle Mar

beckler said...

hey i'm back, and i feel a lot better, although it's good and bad because i'm not that happy to be back at work. here's what it feels like: like waking up to a boyfriend who is wearing a a grateful dead tshirt and tiedyed boxers, but he's also the best. pleasure mixed with pain.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like pleasure mixed with even more pleasure to me.