Friday, May 15, 2009

bowel loosening news

Hello, friends.  I failed to call attention to Cosmo's excellent, jaw dropping, eye opening, mind rending, heart breaking, bowel loosening article about David Taylor and his oh so special relationship with our city.  It's like we're living in crazy town.  How can these deals be legal?  We are so lucky we have a local reporter who is committed to reporting stories like this.  The lead in for the local news yesterday was about Jay Leno's final guest list!  Ay yi yi.

Also, I just read yesterday in last week Bites column (also by Cosmo, as has now been revealed) that the city is spending 90 grand for a feasibility study to find out if they can move the zoo to Sutter's Landing at 28th and C.  While that is obviously utter folly and I'm sure they will conclude as much, I'm glad that some action for this park is on the city agenda.  I hope that includes paving that part of the bike trail.

There is a fun-sounding event happening at The Hub warehouse tonight.  MOM 7 inch release with a bunch of bands, food from Joshua Ploeg, and DJing by DJ Mike C.! Stoked.


beckler said...

hello? comments? what is this, sacrag?

i'm bored and i need you to amuse me for the looooonnnggg afternoon ahead. what are you doing this weekend? where should i eat that i haven't eaten at before? anything?!?!

Anonymous said...

I forgot about sacrag. Like seriously, totally forgot. after I write this interesting comment, I am going to check it out and see how long it's been since I have looked at it. I think it fell off my radar sometime in February.

Anyway, I was going to say that I am so happy that Cosmo is keeping an eye on that shady city council. Bites is the best column in town.


Anonymous said...

I read the Sacrag on St. Patty's day. It was about beer.


Anonymous said...

You're all nuts. It's all about THE SACTORIALIST.

-- Patrone

Anonymous said...

Miller Park Brewfest tomorrow

Snufkin said...

Eat at Caramita! It's a vegetarian kosher place owned by Israelis that also does tapas. Although the one time I tried to go was a Friday night and turns out they were closed for Shabbat. So I keep meaning to call them for take out.