Friday, May 29, 2009


ya! feeling slightly hungover.  let me tally the drinks, cuz I am not sure of the number.
home: split a pizza port saison big bottle. this sentence may not make sense to you.
magpie cafe: sudwerk marzen for 4.50! it was sweet and not good. their food seems to be good, but their beer and wine list is muy terrible.
show: could i really have only dranken 2 beers? was it three? the fact that i can't remember probably means three.

this is like an old school heckasac post. enjoy.


Caroline said...

You shoulda tried the Two Rivers Blood Orange Cider at Magpie! Normally I don't care for ciders, but I am a sucker for novelty. It's absolutely delicious and a great summer drink. It definitely tastes more like a beer than a cider, and it's not particularly sweet. Mostly it is fizzy and refreshing and at 9% a real bang for your buck!

Even after leaving I was craving it the rest of the night.

beckler said...

i wondered what your bright red drink was. i decided it was the pomegranate white tea but that seemed gross.

did you get the eggplant panini? it was good but it needed salt and i was too lazy to find any.

beckler said...

i can feel a visual migraine coming on. every time i drink too much it happens like clockwork.

beckler said...

for the first time ever, i have just vowed to stop biting my nails. i am such a life-long nail biter that when i was three my parents put hot pepper stuff on my nails to get me to stop, but guess what, suckas? it didn't work! i also got spanked for picking my nose and that kind of worked. so next time you see me i will have long, flowing, painted nails. with crystal skulls on them.

Anonymous said...

If you grow long nails, I think you need to bring back "thematic" airbrushing. I miss seeing women with sailboat-and-sunrise nails. American flags and rhinestones are weak sauce.


Anonymous said...

I have always wanted Scotty dogs on my nails, not sure why.

Last night was off the hook. I closed Retrofit down!


bonarag - um, sounds dirty AND dirty.

Caroline said...

Last time I was there I got the veggie panini (without eggplant, yuck!) and thought it was delicious and filling and well salted, sorry to hear yours fell short on salt. Yesterday I had the ham and camembert panini which came with great homemade whole grain mustard and pickled onions. I'm normally not a ham fan, but the sandwich was fantastic. I also had roasted carrots which were heavenly.

The cider takes on that color because they add a little beet juice for coloring (and a touch of sweetness). I guess it IS an apple cider with extra flavoring, but it lacked either the sweetness or tanginess of a cider. Maybe I will have to slam one before the Java Lounge on Saturday!

lil' maxwell said...

Wzzzup regular pussies?! Woodpussy here to tell you about our show on Sat. at Java Lounge! It will be the last show under at the Java Lounge as we know it. :( We are playing with the Four Eyes, and the Bananas.

Here's the line up and info.

The Four Eyes
The Bananas

@ Java Lounge 8:00 pm $6

anyhoo, this pussy loves Java Lounge and is very sad that it will be the last show, however very honored to be apart of it. Come out and show some support!


Anonymous said...

Hey WP,

Do you know about the marginally famous mid-late-90s Woodpussy?


steve said...

regarding standing with the teens, old peoplem and families with little kids instead of with my age group in the beer stockade at the concert in the park:

If I wanted to feel out of place at a frat party, I'd go to grad school.