Friday, May 08, 2009

Dixon May Fair

Baby Grand, English Singles, Still Flyin' (featuring members of Personal and the Pizzas) at the Blue Lamp tonight!!!!!

Also it's second saturday, so don't forget to go see Daniel Johnston art at the Verge!

On wednesday I FINALLY checked out the Market Club, prompted by Liv Moe's review in MidMoe.  They have daily specials (broasted chicken on thursdays, and thursday is also the only day they offer potato wedges, which are only ONE DOLLAR-it's reminded me of El Chico's broasting-attention Biz!)

This blurry pic is a tender corned beef sandwich, mucho grandma style.

Dixon May Fair!  Taxidermy competition.  How did this person get an otter?  Is that legal?
I call this picture: snuggle wuggle time

This pig was trying to eat his own award ribbon.
bunny face or bunny butt? you decide

BBQ beef sandwich
cat desecrating the flag
This cat has a super funny expression and the name of the painting is "cat concentraiting"

I zoomed in for this, and you can actually see Cheap Trick better than I could.  They were good, but it was funny how lazy Rick Nielsen is about jumps, and he would get on top of his amp but it was clear he had a step stool behind it to get up and down.
I like this art project.
And I knew there would be Twilight-themed art.  This one was titled "Robert Pattinson", although I don't know why he would be reading Twilight.  I guess it's supposed to be the actor preparing for the role, and not the vampire character.


beckler said...

the line up for the state fair 09 has been announced and it blows. except show by the fab four!!

what the hell is the "tops in blue air force show"? who is tonic? what is salvador? is hullaboo music festival a jam band? Who is blake shelton. i know google could solve these questions.

beckler said...

Do any Lost fans think that it's mere coincidence that Jacob is now the number one baby name? Can Faraday be far behind?

Liv Moe said...

Market Club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mtn. said...

Still Flyin' is people from Aislers Set and a bunch of others

beckler said...

Yeah, I was joking about the patp connection

Anonymous said...

The meta-ness of the Twilight picture is fucking my shit up.


Anonymous said...

There's like 15 people in that Still Flyin' band including Drew from Personal and the Pizzas. Actually Drew (Bass) and Yoshi (drums) are the best part of that band. They're worth seeing, but there's something sort of Parrot-head about them, definitely not a rock band. More like a college party band, sounding somewhere between Sugar Ray and Dexy's. Or maybe between Smashmouth and the Commitments. What I'm trying to say is that they sound best with a shot of jaegger and a blended fruity drink.

beckler said...

They should use this description on their myspace. It's fantastic.