Monday, June 01, 2009

With Glasses!

Ancient Sons killed it in Cesar Chavez Park.  There was a disappointing lack of swirly dancing in front of the stage, but there were a couple of truly terrifying tweakers.

Later, I went to a Funcastle show that had an excellent hippy band that burned sage, clanked swords as percussion and featured the improv saxophone jam of a red-haired hippy witch wearing a hat made out of hair.  A hat made out of hair!  Think about that one man, it's deep.

Saturday was Woodpussy, Four Pussy, and Banana Pussy and it was a fun show.  We forced Four Pussy to play "Judy In Disguise".  And there were such classic MikeRMike lines as:  You might wanna keep your cameras handy cuz I might throw up.  What's up with the Javalounge?  I heard it was closing but then I heard not really.

Uh, WTF?  I was just looking for a picture of Personal and the Pizzas to put on this post and the one above is from the Rolling Stone website.  As you can see, Dillon is now an integral part of this well-oiled fun rock maching (ha! I wrote funk rock accidentally).  They are playing at Luigis tomorrow!  Do. Not. Miss.

The new Sactown has an interview with porn star/assless tights wearer Sasha Grey, and they talk to her about being from Sac.  She says that she likes Tower Theater and had a friend who worked there?!?!!>? Does anyone know who this is?  I think she's only like 20 years old so it would have had to be recent.  After my time, anyways.


Anonymous said...

Not that P and the P's aren't enough of a draw, but the band they're playing with, the Points, is fucking killer. I'm stoked on seeing this same bill tonight.

-- Patrone

beckler said...

oh, I saw that the other band was headlining and didn't know what was up with that. Now I know!

fft said...

javalounge is not closing. they're "restructuring" and will reopen friday night with a knifethruhead show.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the phrase,
'excellent hippy band' only applies to David Peel and the Lower East Side.


The Armeniac said...

A hat made of hair sounds so, gnarly. Are sure it wasn't dreads?

beckler said...

i saw her put it on, so no. but it matched her shade remarkably. come to think of it, i bet it was hair cut from her haid that she had lashed to a wire frame

Anonymous said...

Hat made of hair makes me gag.

beckler said...

What if I told you I'm wearing one right now?

Anonymous said...

I would accuse you of hallucinating from the smoke pouring off the massive incense cone and burning sage bunches, but I too witness the application of the hair tiara. (haira?)

Did you also get to see the Rumplestiltskin dude keeping time to the music by beating his large bongo with his long hair?


Verification: "astalit: Shit yeah, we all were at that show.

beckler said...

Was "Rumplestilskin" the guy wearing the leather suspenders and no shirt?
p.s.-I know it sounds like we are laughing at the hippies, but I loved it! For ten minutes, anyway. I say let your freak flag fly.

Anonymous said...

I am flying my freak flag, but c'mon hair hat?

Barf. Now beating a drum with your hair just makes sense.