Tuesday, June 09, 2009


So that Rob and Arnie and Dawn show on thursday is going to have transgender activists on it. It's going to be funny to hear those dudes squirm.

Speaking of radio, the authors of Cooking From The Heart are going to be on Insight on friday.

Dudes, Dreamdate is one of my new faves!  They had a great show at Luigis the other day, and then an acoustic show in Davis.  Their new album is really good.  You can get it at chocolatecoveredrecords.com, also home of the Rantouls!  What a powerhouse label.  I hope they play in Sac again this Summer.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, they were great. I was really stoked on them.


Liv Moe said...

i want me some summer mantles too!

Anonymous said...

My house can't get enough of them. Rina gives the cd two thumbs up.

beckler said...

I want dreamdate, the singles, and knock knock to play together. make it so!

smitty said...

The only reason they'll squirm is because they lost advertising dollars. This show will attract even more listeners.

We all know, I've done crap like this a zillion times. If they play it right, it's just notoriety and free PR. If they survive the shoe gazing "gee, we really learned something this time" part, then advertisers come back. If they don't, they move onto another market.

There's a Sealab 2021 episode just like this. Radio Free Sealab. Only that ends with Sealab getting bombed by the FCC.


Anonymous said...

What time is the show and what station? Also, I thought the sigfried and roy comments in the Plan B review were classic!


beckler said...

It's on KXJZ (local NPR) from 10-11

Anonymous said...

I meant the Rob/Arnie show.