Thursday, June 04, 2009

some fun now

For something fun (besides the video below), look no further (farther?):

1) Drag Me To Hell! Ten thumbs up! A couple of times Raimi is too Raimi but if you like Raimi there really isn't any such thing as too much Raimi (except that one movie with Sharon Stone when he first went mainstream, anyone remember that?). Plus the psychic guy is a total fox, but Justin Long is a complete anti-fox.
2)The Alice Neel doc that's available on Netflix is also very good, although it does not contain any talking goats. I want to go to Richard Press books and search for one of her books, cuz they mostly out of print.
3)Show tomorrow at Luigis! Dreamdate (super good 90s style girl pop), English Singles, So Cow from Ireland.
In the not fun category, I got an email from JC with a link to this. Long story short, local shock jocks made some hateful and violent remarks about transgender children. Let's do our little part to get these idiots fired. Here's the contact page. Better yet, if you can listen to it for a couple of minutes, wait for a commercial and jot down a couple of advertisers, especially ones you think might be sympathetic to your concerns, and contact them. I can't do that today, but if anyone has time to do so, you could post some of the advertisers in the comments.


Anonymous said...

"The Quick and the Dead" is pretty bad, but it's a masterpiece next to Raimi's "For Love of the Game". Incidentally, IMDB lists Raimi's next two projects as a remake of "Evil Dead" and "Spider-Man 4". Hack soup.


Anonymous said...

in regards to the 'not so fun news' here is the general manager's contact info:

John Geary
Vice President & General Manager
(916) 339-4209

it was on the website yesterday.. and it's gone today!
luckily i saved it...

Anonymous said...

I have said it before and I will say it again
Fuck Rob!
Fuck Arnie!
Fuck Dawn!

I hate that show.


Anonymous said...

What the fuck!!

Talk radio, you really do blow.
I am going to get to some online complaints before lunch is over


Anonymous said...

did he put that 73 Olds in that latest flick, as he has in all his movies?


He Loves and Hates Everything said...

Hey Beckler, I posted a story about these Dbags yesterday on my blog ( with a full list of their advertisers. We already got Snapple and Chipotle to pull!

Oh, I totally want to see Allison Lohman get swallowed by demons this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting about this Becky. I'm going to write to the station manager and the advertisers in a minute. Reading the brilliant Huf.Post article on this yesterday made me want to scream and cry yesterday. Here is my favorite quote about these pieces of shit:

"By no objective standard are dumbed-down, Wal-Mart versions of O'Reilly like States and Williams journalists. Nor are they really experts on anything other than plunging the overflowing toilets of their listeners' psyches and selling the sewage back to them, repackaged as "insight," "common sense" and "plain talk" from fake-macho blowhards hiding behind radio microphones."


Liv Moe said...

98 rock advertisers:

Home Depot
Griffin & Reed Eyecare
Pro City Mortgage
sonic burger
Tobacco Republic
State Farm Insurance
Carl's Jr.
Wells Fargo Bank
Guitar Center
Mc Donalds
Red Bull
Bank of America
The Sleep Train
Verizon Wireless
UC Davis Health Care System
Washington Mutual

if you write to any of them cc

Liv Moe said...

holy cow! i just got off the phone with guitar center's corporate offices to voice my complaint about the show and they just agreed to pull all of their morning advertising with 98 Rock! take that assholes.

He Loves and Hates Everything said...

Just got word that Sonic pulled, too!

Liv Moe said...

Just heard from UC Davis Health Systems. They're reviewing the program and deciding on next steps this afternoon. fingers crossed

He Loves and Hates Everything said...

Sweetness. Just fired off a missive to UC Davis, too.

Caroline said...

That's amazing, Liv!

Although that list seems like it must be outdated, as Mervyn's is out of business...

Anonymous said...


-Ed C

deeann said...
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beckler said...

wow, I didn't have time to check this all day. Too busy learning how to photoshop out my wrinkles! I'll write a letter to ucd tomorrow.

I'm not quite sure what a 73 Olds looks like, but yeah, I think it had a fairly prominent part in the movie. But not as prominent as a mucus-soaked handkerchief.

beckler said...

Thinking about this again has made me think about that This American Life episode with the two transgender kids and how totally heartbreaking it was and how these kids have it so hard already and now I'm getting mad again.

Anonymous said...

I wrote the station manager and the person in charge of advertising.
No response,

sounds like the advertisers themselves are the way to go.


Liv Moe said...

totally, i have heard back from almost every advertiser i've written to so far with the exception of one or two. i'm gonna write to a few more tomorrow.

Liv Moe said...

Paul Imagine sent me the contact info for their radio advertisers. makin' easy!



Alicia Rockwell


Darryl Harrison - Media

John Britton

Debra Lewis

Walt Riker
Vice President, Corporate Media Relations
Heidi Barker
Sr. Director, Corporate Media Relations

Media Relations:



smitty said...

Thanks for making it easy, Liv. The station manager had a comment that made it seem like he wasn't concerned because most of the complaints aren't from Sacramento or Reno where the show is broadcast.

Anonymous said...

Liv, what you and others have accomplished in this situation is awesome. I talked with my kids about it this morning and they were amazed that regular joes were able to make such an impact. Just wanted you all to know that you inspired twenty young ones who really aren't that easy to inspire.

-- Patrone

Anonymous said...

Thanks Liv, I sent them all an email. And I included the station managers email and the fact that I live in Sacramento.

The Armeniac said...

Hot damn Liv! Good job! Just sent another batch out!

The Armeniac said...

Just spoke to McDonalds in Illinois, they seemed shocked when I told them what their advertising dollars were paying for. Said they'd call me back. Hope it's true!

The Armeniac said...

Bank of America has pulled it's advertising from 98.5!

Liv Moe said...

Yeah!!!!!! The station manager can say whatever he likes, after enough advertisers bail Rob, Arnie, and Dawn are done. They're not going to broadcasting a sponsorless show.

I gotta say this whole experience has renewed my faith in public action. I was really floored by the conversation I had with Guitar Center yesterday. It's great that our voices have made a difference!

The Armeniac said...

Carls Jr. pulled sponsorship!

Anonymous said...

I feel like I should start supporting some of my most hated companies (Chipotle, BofA, Carl, Jr.) Maybe I'll just start with Dr. Pepper (Snapple)


The Armeniac said...

direct email,

Josh Nice said...

Ads pulled over radio hosts' transgender remarks

By JUDY LIN – 12 hours ago

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Bank of America, Verizon, Chipotle and other companies have pulled advertising from a Sacramento radio station after talk show hosts referred to transgender people as "freaks" with mental disorders.

During a May 28 show, one of the three hosts on KRXQ's "Rob, Arnie & Dawn" show said he would hit his son with his shoe if he put on high heels. Another said he would tell a boy he was "a little idiot" if he asked to wear a dress.

Officials with Bank of America Corp. and Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. said Friday their companies pulled advertising because they found the comments offensive.

"We listened to the segment and the follow-up comments, and found it quite difficult to defend," Bank of America spokesman Joe Goode said.

Representatives of Verizon Communications Inc., Nissan Motor Co. and Carl's Jr. restaurants also said they stopped advertising.

Transgender advocates and the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation have sought an apology from two of the show's three hosts, Arnie States and Rob Williams. The third host, Dawn Rossi, defended transgender people on the show.

"Our issue here is that Rob and Arnie advocated violence against children because of who they are and have failed to take responsibility for their dehumanizing and defamatory words," said Rashad Robinson, senior director of programs at GLAAD.

John Geary, vice president and general manager of KRXQ, did not return a telephone message or e-mail Friday.

During a follow-up show Wednesday, States said he never advocated abuse. He said his comments were meant only as a joke and that he didn't do anything wrong, according to a report in The Sacramento Bee.

During the May 28 broadcast, States and Williams began discussing the California Supreme Court ruling uphold Proposition 8, the initiative on last November's ballot that banned same-sex marriage. The hosts then turned their attention to transgender children.

"If my son, God forbid, if my son put on a pair of high heels, I would probably hit him with one of my shoes. I would throw a shoe at him," States said on the air.

Williams suggested transgender people suffered from a mental disorder.

"They are freaks. They are abnormal," he said. "Not because they're girls trapped in boys bodies, but because they have a mental disorder that needs to be somehow gotten out of them."

Copyright © 2009 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

Skipper said...

yep, the 73 Olds was in Drag Me to Hell. It's good that the gypsy and Uncle Ben both drove the same car as Ash

M. H. said...

Not to be too cheesy, but Patrone you are an inspiration too! I think its so cool that you saw an opportunity in this to teach your students something cool!


Liv Moe said...

Anonymous said...