Friday, June 19, 2009

French Film Festival

I forgot until just now that the French Film Festival has been moved to the next two weekends so I can finally attend a movie or two. Well, I don't think that's why she moved it, but that's the result. Here's the schedule. Can any movie-nerd types who have looked into tell me what the hot tickets are?


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, DB had some good french movie recommendations on the dayrage. Which is why I don't remember any of them.


Snufkin said...

Don't know about tix, but for anybody who's going to be around Reno/Truckee this weekend, there's an amazing close out sale of Nevada estate sale scores. I may be driving up on Sunday, but am trying to get the word out for them:

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Anonymous said...

I think seeing either "La Belle et La Bete" or "Rules of the Game" on a big screen would be a wonderful experience. I'm going to take my dad to see the first.


michele h said...

I second Dani's recommendations. I loved "Rules of the Game" especially, but "La Belle" has some super awesome film tricks in it.


DB said...

"Lola Montes" Saturday night is the one I'm looking forward to the most; it's so colorful and emotionally rich, I'm sure it will be amazing on the big screen. I've also never seen "Z", so I'm excited about that. Cedric Klapisch's ("L'Auberge Espagnole", "When the Cat's Away", "Russian Dolls") new film "Paris" shows tonight, and there are films by Agnes Varda and Claire Denis playing this weekend. All in all, it's a really stellar lineup.

Caroline said...

I'm going to hit up Lola Montes and Z this weekend.

Next weekend I'm interesting in the whole Sunday line-up, but am not sure what I'll get around to since I'll have been flying for 8 hours or some shit that morning.

Anonymous said...

Agnes Varda is probably my favorite French director. That is so cool that there is a French movie that is about Lola Montez, the pride of Grass Valley!


beckler said...

oh, that lola montez! i was just reading about her

beckler said...

Don't forget the KDVS record swap guys!

Anonymous said...

Ancient Sons are headlining Old I Saturday. We are playing all new songs and will have Justin bringing the fog and the bass action for tonights show as Brad can't make this one. Come enjoy the lights!