Friday, December 17, 2010

dueling shows

Yay, I can finally post about something else besides MidMoMoNi! I'll just say the screening was a resounding success. Thanks to everyone who came. Next month we're going to show a couple of short films about Christo and Jean Claude. We are thinking of doing short films until the weather is warmer, so if anybody has suggestions...

Holy crap 11th annual Four Eyes Christmas show tonight at The Verge. It starts at 7 and I hear their first song is a doozy. Last year it was "Celebrate".

Then tomorrow there are dueling shows. Knock Knock is playing with the Four Eyes and Baby Grand at Old I. At The Hub, English Singles are back from their hiatus with Midnite Snaxx with Tina from The Trashwomen. I'm not endorsing one show over the other BUT Knock Knock just played and I personally am getting my fill of the Four Eyes tonight. But that's just me. Oh yeah, and Angora Debs at the Hub, which Patrone and Marie are in. Here's what DJ Rick wrote about the show:

Angora Debs is fronted by Jason Patrone, singer of THEE BEST band in Sacramento in the early 2000s...the FM Knives. Also played in Los Huevos and Pretty Girls here in Sacto, and more recently Photobooth. Angora Debs is a Laverne & Shirley reference!

Midnite Snaxxx features Tina "Boom Boom" Lucchesi, chiefly of The Trashwomen and Bobbyteens fame, but was also in a ton of other rad bands. Most recently, she was in Top Ten and C'mon Everybody (you might remember them from their pulse-pounding, fun-packed set at the Delta of Venus in Davis during KDVS "Treehouse" host DJ Emily's birthday party); and she's the proprietor of Down at Lulu's, an East Bay epicenter of fabulous hairstyles, clothes, and records (many fans of Hunx know something about this). The Snaxxx also feature Dulcinea, who totally slayed in The Loudmouths back in the 90s, of whom I was quite the fanboy. Their merger with a reformed The Lewd was The Lewdmouths, and their show at Club Cocodrie in SF was one of the very best blasts from the original punk heyday I've ever seen.

English Singles descend from Sacto rulers of years past, too: Bananas, Nar, FM Knives, Yahmos, Pretty Girls.

I don't know if the Wrong Words dudes 'n lady were in other bands before, but when you hear them, the only thing that will matter will be the Wrong Words. Their 7" on Trouble in Mind is a cracker, and charming, too. Some people around here have whispered to me that the Bare Wires sound really good, but seem kinda like a big put-on. Okay, trashtalkers...maybe you's just bummin' 'cos you don't like to hitch up to bandwagons when too many others are already on. Well, go ahead and get in the front of the bus for Wrong Words 'cos you're gonna love this band. I defy you to resist this, huh...

Wrong Words "What Went Wrong" music video from Chris Anderson on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

I don't make plans for the day after the Christmas show. It makes a lot of assumptions about my state tommorrow.

Anonymous said...

If you listen to the Bananas, Nar, FM Knives, Yahmos & Pretty Girls all at the same time you'll pretty much get an idea of our sound.


Anonymous said...

Re: Miller

Schlong 2?

7pm tonight = a that matters

-Moshall Matters (the worst)