Friday, December 10, 2010

Pauline Kael Friday

I am declaring this Pauline Kael Friday, but first here are some snaps of some of the funniest things that smiller has ever bought, and that's saying a lot. Speaking of buying funny things, please click on this link and consider it if you haven't bought me a Hannukah present yet.

The Beach Boys one is my favorite

and here are couple of our classic ornaments. Kliban cat!
This one is so ugly but I love to think of someone manufacturing it during the first internet bubble. It always makes me laugh. If you actually type in this web address you get a lame ad site, as if no one has bought the domain name. Sad.
OK, onto Pauline Kael.

If we're talking about movies, I have to say I protest that DB is talking movies on facebook, because then I can't access it. What's wrong with blogging?

The first two sentences of her review of the notorious, studio-busting mess Heaven's Gate are typically witty and sharp.

"While watching the three-hour-and-thirty-nine-minute Heaven's Gate, I thought it was easy to see what to cut. But when I tried afterward to think of what to keep, my mind went blank."

She's got a million of 'em like that!
Now read this about when Wes Anderson met her and took her to a private screening of Rushmore. This piece caused some controversy, notably with David Edelstein, the critic for New York magazine, who was a friend of hers. Anyway, I think it's interesting.


Anonymous said...

you're missing out on a lot more than DB's film chatter on FB. just bite the bullet and join. it can't be about privacy, cos you already have gmail ...


Liv Moe said...

you're X-Mas wish list reminds of me of my favorite holiday site of '09.... because what girl wouldn't like a scale model of her vulva attached to her car keys right?

Anonymous said...

If you feel weird about it, make a joint Steve & Babs fb account. Then no one but us will no it's you!


ps. verification word: gyphonsf. Sounds "Dead" related to me.

beckler said...

Facebook, never! I got burned by Friendster going out of style.

Anonymous said...

Friendster? Is that like GeoCities?


ps. That Wes Anderson article kind of made me sad.

leon said...

I want that Beach Boys ornament!!!

beckler said...

He should have been more respectful, but he was just a young guy and didn't understand what he was doing. He meant it to pay tribute. I can see both sides.

Anonymous said...

No worries, I never update my FaceBook page either. That said, it's if you ever get cool.


Anonymous said...

Oops, I mean

Liv Moe said...

I was sympathetic to Anderson until I saw Edelstein's 2nd rebuttal which if true is kind of a bummer.

Snufkin said...

Kliban Cat! Love to eat them mousies, Mousies what I love to eat. Bite they little heads off… Nibble on they tiny feet.

Rushmore is one of my all time favorites, especially because it reminds me of going to school in Austin & being in Houston with my family there. But I kind of feel like once Anderson moved beyond characters and stories set in Texas, that's when his movies started becoming overindulgent exercises in whimsy. Or maybe it's the old argument that Owen Wilson kept those tendencies in check (and helped produce his best work) when they were writing partners.

Anonymous said...

I agree that blogging is better than facebook. Maybe I am hurt because DB, my real life friend as well as my fake FB friend, didn't tell me about it. I had to read it in SNR!

Wow, I hope no one on your fantasy team gets injured, sir! That would be tragic indeed!


Anonymous said...

You guys should all join me over on linked in. That's where the real action is.


Anonymous said...

Check out my new bare chested rock climbing pics at


Anonymous said...

How can that URL not lead to porn?