Thursday, March 31, 2011

johnny on the spot

boom! Instant reporting. That panel was cool but I had to sneak out on the Q and A. Roberta Price is really glamorous! She had like a leather tunic on and some purple platform shoes. She's an intellectual property lawyer now. That's the 60s for you, from commune dweller to that. The guy talking in the picture (second from left) is Jesse Drew, a professor in the technocultural studies department. When he was 15 he ran away and lived on communes for 4 years. He only had about 15 minutes but I would have loved to hear him talk about it for longer than that. He lived on a really remote one in Siskyou County that the FBI was surveilling! Is that a word? Blogger doesn't think it is.

Anyway, this show is interesting, and one of the other professors (Simon Sadler, history of architecture) said that her memoir is the best thing he's read about commune living.


Snufkin said...

No idea about the commune stuff, but I totally remember hearing Jesse Drew's name when I was a student at UT - in conjunction with the very cool Media Lab program run by Sandy Stone. At least at that time in the 90s when people were still very idealistic and creative about what you could do on the Web. Amazing program, so it's very interesting to hear some of it is now over in Davis.

Liv Moe said...

so jealous

Anonymous said...

Did you get the book?