Wednesday, September 14, 2011

menu is here!

Sweet, we got the finalized menu for the Southern Fat Face Food and Film Fest.  Buy your tickets here.

salad of babydoll watermelon, lemon cucumber, cherry tomatoes, buttermilk vinaigrette
mesquite smoked bledsoe pork shoulder served with rolls and cabbage green bean slaw
cache creek chicken and andouille sausage jambalaya with grilled corn and smoky heirloom tomatoes
"red velvet" popsicle
fat face popcorn


beckler said...

hey you guys who have retired cars through the consumer assistance program:
how strict are they during the final inspection? I ask because my headlights don't work. It will be absurd if I have to get my headlights fixed in order for my car to be crushed into a small chunk of metal. And sadly, the repair will probably not be cheap.

beckler said...

p.s.-If you can watch the Justin Bieber documentary (Never Say Never) and not get goosebumps and/or tear up at some points you just might be a robot.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember how strict it was, but maybe your brights work? You could cheat that way.

Anonymous said...

Bieber had that same problem with the lights on his car & he just believed in himself & never gave up on the dream of that rebate. And eventually he got it.


Sacramento Punk Shows said...

Will there be any veg options?

beckler said...

yes, veg option. jaymes is still coming up with that one, but she always has good vegetarian sandwiches so i'm sure it will be good.

nope, nothing works now, not brights, nothing.