Tuesday, September 13, 2011

time to buy

Hey dudes-
Have you bought your tickets for the Southern Foodways Film Festival FatFace Food Fest yet?  For the low, low price of 47 dollars you are going to get:
beer and/or wine
a full meal of FatFace Southern Grub including dessert and intermission snack
music during dinner from this guy
and, as if that's not enough, a program of short documentaries about Southern food culture distributed by Old Miss University.

if you have been procrastinating about getting tickets, please go ahead and pull the trigger because we need to plan for the number of guests.  Get tickets here!

Think about it, if you went to say, dinner at Magpie, had a couple of beers and then dessert, then went to the movies and bought popcorn, you would probably spend more than 47 bucks! You can't afford not to go to this.

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