Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rick come back!

Augh (is that what Charlie Brown says?) I am getting depressed looking at undietacos.  It's a wasteland, a desert of shows that is only enlivened by the occasional desert bloom (G. Green, Ganglians, English Singles/SLA show on ST PATRICKS DAY).  Why is this?  Because Rick isn't booking shows, right?  That's what I heard.  Please Rick, come back!! I know it's a thankless job but I send you a million thanks for all the great, fun, invigorating, inspiring shows you have booked over the years.  Fuck.

Here's my Scene and Heard in the SNR on the Locke Liver Feed.  I'm happy they had space for it.  Although a bit miffed that I was not asked to contribute to their beer week coverage, a cover story yet.  Will I go to my grave without a cover story? Perhaps. Wow, that story is really short, too.


beckler said...

uh, those are not all the same show. it looks like that

talkaboutcharles said...

Ric is down..but not out!

Anonymous said...

Rick has channeled all his efforts into selling off fantasy basketball talent for NBA IR residents with possible 2013 silver lining.

That said, somebody get the guy a fucking venue. Is it that hard, Sacramento? Fuck, I'd vote for an arena if there was an Ele/KDVS kickback factor ...


Anonymous said...

So what's your excuse, Nick?

Hecka-smack board!


Anonymous said...

Jeez, where's Von Shredsmore to wittily defend himself?

Is there a term for when fantasy bball smacktalk dribbles onto other blogs?


beckler said...

fantasy bloghorrea?

Anonymous said...

My bad, faux pas.


Anonymous said...

It gives Becky a chance to talk about how much she hates Omri Casspi.


Anonymous said...

the Fox and Goose asked me if i wanted to book a show, so they must be desperate. They even have a PA and there is brew.

-hot danker

Sacramento Punk Shows said...

tons of cool shows coming up, try out something you might not ordinarily go to -- you might be pleasantly surprised.

beckler said...

I don't really like punk. I'm still waiting for freak folk to come back.

DJ Rick said...

I'm only booking shows for bands coming from Australia or France...or maybe Japan. Or Wounded Lion and branches of their family tree which is now intermingled with the A Frames/Intelligence family tree.

I'd tried booking shows since the closure of The Hub, but through fall and early winter, all but a few show opportunities that I emailed/called other venues about fell on deaf ears or got a flat out "no". Yet, when I asked certain other people to approach those venues, they got fast positive responses. So, I'm taking that to mean that I'm fairly useless anymore.

Shows are still happening, but with much less involvement from me. So, I figure I'll enjoy them as a fan with little or no responsibility for how the bands get paid and how the venue gets cleaned afterward. Or which local bands should play. I might even come a little late and leave a little early!

My next couple o' shows are both for Feeling of Love and Delacave from France. I'm sure Feeling of Love would be a big hit with a lotta people who like bands like Thee Oh Sees or Ty Segall, or would like 'em more if they sounded more romantic. And French!

Anonymous said...

Would Sea of Bees be considered freak folk? I just saw them open a show in Davis and the lead was very Joanna Newsome-sounding to me.


beckler said...

Yeah, I need to check out one of her shows.

Rick, I understand why you're stepping back, but I really, really miss the kind of shows you book. They're the shows I want to see.

Sacramento Punk Shows said...

my last message got eaten so apologies if this turns into double post

For all I know there is a burgeoning freak folk scene in this town, I tend to run from acoustic guitars.

I miss some of Rick's shows too, but there really is so much going on these days and a lot of it never makes it on to undietacos -- a lot of folks who are booking and bands who are playing shows are using facebook to promote much heavier than in the past. I love undietacos,but the percentage of really good shows that don't end up on there seems to increase monthly

Some places to check out (most of these are definitely not punk-dominated) that are really happening right now....

Nebraska Mondays at Luna's.

Javalounge is booking a really diverse mix of music both local and touring acts -- different types of stuff pretty much every type of the week.

Naked on 11th and H has shows almost every night.

Press Club has a new booker who comes from the punk scene (Sean of Bastards of Young) but is booking a wide variety of stuff Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights.
and that's all just downtown

The lists shows that are very widely and loosely defined as 'punk'. For instance, there is a ton of stuff on there that is really just dudes with acoustic guitars doing whatever I don't know cuz I don't tend to go to the shows (I also list a bunch of thrash metal, in case you feel the need for more of that in your life).

Just perusing the latest list, I would recommend the following based on stuff you have posted on your blog in the past -- try one or two out -- you may not like em all but you might discover something great that is new to you

Fri, Feb 24
Cave grand opening with music by The Hungry and EGG, art, comedy, and more. 8 pm @ 3512 Stockton Blvd (next to Colonial Theatre), $5-10, all ages.

Twin Steps + So Stressed + Young Mings. 8 pm @ Attendance Office, 1315 L St, all ages.

Sat, Feb 25
Der Spazm + Tied to the Branches + Hawk Jones. 8 pm @ Javalounge, 2416 16th St, all ages, $6.

Wed, Feb 29
Feeling of Love (French psychpunk) + Delaclave (French synthpunk) + San Kazagascar. 8 pm @ bows and arrows, 19th and S, $5, all ages,

Sat, Mar 3

Rat Damage LP benefit show with Sabertooth Zombie + No Sir + Rat Damage + Alarms + Shambles + Well Read. 7 pm, Casa de Chaos, all ages, $5-25. (this is the punkest show of these, but this will be absolutely crazy -- something to behold. Everybody should see Sabertooth Zombie at least once in their life and Shambles are a really great new band for fans of good rock and roll who aren't turned off by a punk attitude -- same could be said of Rat Damage, as well)

Common Men + Razorblade Monalisa + Mister Loveless. 8:30 pm @ Luigi’s, 1050 20th St, all ages.

Ganglians + A Classic Education (Italy) + G Green. 8 pm @ Luigi’s Davis, 213 E St, $5, all ages.

Sons of Huns + Majesty + Astral Cult. 8 pm @ Javalounge, 2416 16th St, all ages, $5.

La Sera + Cold Showers. Bows and Arrows, 19th and S, all ages.

Deke Dickerson at Old Ironsides

Fri, Mar 9

Lenz + G Green + Monster Treasure. 8 pm @ Fox and Goose, 10th and R, 21+, $5.

Feeling of Love + Delaclave + Electric Jellyfish + Ennui Trust. 8 pm @ Davis Bike Collective, 1221 ½ 4th St, all ages, $5

All this is just the tip of the iceberg. Don't despair, there is really just an incredible live music scene in Sac right now, it is difficult to keep up and even in our post-Hub state there is no need to hunger for great live music.