Friday, February 17, 2012

Tiki Men!!

Do you guys ever dream of living in a town without a basketball team?  What if you could read the paper without the headline every day being about the increasing urgency of finding public financing for an arena for the Kings?  What else would they find to write about? Real city issues that affect citizens, perhaps?  Also, for how long can urgency keep increasing?  Doesn't it have to reach a peak at some point? A climax?

Speaking of climax, I highly recommend "In the next room (or the vibrator play)", which is currently running at Capital Stage.  It's a good play, very well staged, with a terrific comedic performance by Katie Rubin.  It ends with a male nude scene and one woman quite audibly gasped "oh my god" and laughed, and many other people tittered.  Grow up people! They kind wrecked the intimate spell that had been created.  I bet people in cities with new arenas don't laugh when an actor bares his butt.

I have a couple of pieces in the SNR this week, one about coffee, and one an interview with the owner of Candy Heaven in Old Sac.  Both of them are accompanied by great photos.

Knock Knock LP listening party at Phono Select tonight at 7 and then Four Eyes show at Javalounge!! Oh wait, are the Four Eyes still playing?
 Couple of photos I took on my day off.  I went to the Delta with a fun crew: Skipper, Archbishop "Dave" Smith and Ed H.  Free liver lunch!

 Cat in the sun in Locke
 Wow. Foster's Big Horn.  I had no idea the extent of the taxidermy. I literally walked around with my jaw agape. LITERALLY
 This is Yeti, a magazine, mostly about music.  It's a great mag, with in depth articles about obscure bands and performers, and good photography, too.  The current issue (it comes out a couple of times a year) features a super long article about Sacramento's own Tiki Men!  Here are a couple of pictures, pick one up for yourself!  Just walk over to Newsbeat...oh, yeah, you can't do that anymore.  I got my copy at the Davis Newsbeat and any readers who live in real cities (with real arenas) can probably find one.  Does Phono Select have copies? They sometimes carry it.
 Here's a taste of what's inside
Look at those handsome dudes. Yowza


Anonymous said...

The Bee would probably just start running articles about The Bachelor on the front page (that Courtney is such a bitch!). It's not a very good paper.


Anonymous said...

4 eyes show tonight: we have a plan.

ps. a terrible plan. a wonderful terrible plan.

pps. the plan is not a large chili fries from Willies

ppps. the plan probably isnt pee pee 90.

Anonymous said...

Suppose I'm sick & was thinking of not going tonight. Suppose I decided to go now that I know there's a terrible plan. Will I regret that decision?


Anonymous said...


lets say a big plan comes together at the last second. Does it have more of a chance to be great? or more of a chance to be terrible? or is there a difference?

Lets also say there is a chance the "plan" is really just the idea to have a "plan" at the last second.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a plan.


wburg said...

Liked the coffee article a lot. My favorite thing about the current wave of coffee places, in addition to the fact that some of them are open late the way proper coffee houses were during the great era of the early 90s, is because we coffee enthusiasts can finally be as pretentious about our preferred beverage as beer and wine enthusiasts have been for years. Cheers!

Count Mockula said...

Mmmm, Willie's.

What? Where was I? Oh, I came here to say something weird, actually: Did you happen to see the picture of the original owner of Foster's standing on an elephant with the elephant dong just hanging out like anything? Kind of fascinating.

Anonymous said...

Haha, yah you'd never know that the Council actually passed a Climate Action Plan last Tuesday. Overflow crowd there, all to support the mayor with this parking deal. And it really is more of a Climate Encouragement Plan, but heck it's something! If the Kings leave Sac will have fewer GHG emissions than we would otherwise. Bonus!

Anonymous said...


I put the java lounge show on youtube so you wont feel like you missed out.

It really was the best thing ever.


beckler said...

did not see the elephant dong. it's not like me to miss a dong. my eyes must be going.