Wednesday, February 08, 2012


My heart was kinda pounding as I looked at the Bee this morning (and by the way, I became a weekend subscriber because the Times is too expensive - I'm mostly after the crossword), because I knew I might be quoted.  Yipes.  Chris Macias did a big piece on Mike Thiemann and he was nice enough to think of me.  I was afraid I would sound like an ass because I didn't expect him to ask me about the Loft.  I tried to describe it and I'm pretty sure I said it was "edgy" and I might have even said "dangerous".  Anyhoo, he didn't use that part so I'm ok with it.  This sounds like a humblebrag I guess.

And really the point is that it's about Thiemann.  I'm going to Ella for happy hour today and I'm psyched.  I hope to afford a full meal there soon.

Smiller is going to get his Pliny the Younger on today, for the first time.  I hope there isn't a massive line.  Some people were waiting for like 5 hours, but that's because they went on like the first day. Some people just love to wait in line (e.g. San Franciscans).

Now let me go read the article!


beckler said...

corn and oyster soup? that sounds awesome

The Armeniac said...

That whole menu sounds awesome, psyched for Mike!

Anonymous said...

Are these Angora Debs guys any good?

-- Patrone

Anonymous said...

Angora Debs/The Brodys split 7 inch, summer 2012, sacramento records