Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Cool down

Enough of all this heated foie gras rhetoric.  We need a cat picture to cool things down.  Here you see Babs reading the NYT dining section that Biggert so generously dropped off.


Liv Moe said...

That Babs is a real culture maker.

Anonymous said...

Damn, my cat's always trying to push her political views on me as well. Of course, Giblets is a hardline, anti-union, Tea Party conservative.


The Armeniac said...

How come Gibs never layed this trip on me!? We could totally agree over Obama's civil liberties abuses!

Anonymous said...

Do NOT get Giblets started on Obama. It can get a little racist.


Anonymous said...

Dear DB,

I think you misinterpreting your cats desire for "Cat Power". It's just a band.

Charles Albright

Anonymous said...

She's very passionate about Fourth-Meal Reform.


beckler said...

One thing will always bring Charles out of the woodwork: cat pictures.
When am I gonna see that cat?!