Tuesday, May 29, 2012

CPH post part 1

 So we'll start with Copenhagen.  This was where we stayed.  Psyche but we were in the sex shop district.  This is me looking not haggard at all from jet lag and FORGETTING MY BANG STRAIGHTENER.  Do you  know how many times Scott had to hear me bitch about this?

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 Here's the view along the canal.  Being in Copenhagen just reminded me constantly how beautiful Amsterdam is.  Sorry Copenhagen, it's true.

 Smiller found it amusing that Lagunitas was everywhere. 
 There's a covered market with stalls in Copenhagen that is kind of their answer to the ferry building.  It's one of the best places to eat.  This is gourmet smorrebrod.  One of them is pate with lightly pickled beets and bacon on top.  The other is fried fish with some mayo stuff on top.  These people know how to make rustic bread, let me tell ya! Fuck, their bread is good.  This same little booth had a Mikkeller beer on draught.
 Obviously it was good.
 Coffee Collective also has a booth.  They do all the fancy stuff, pour over and everything.  Did I blink and transport myself to the Mission?  Look at the Bay Area/Danish hipster
 Some of the bread that I mentioned. And spelt! I love spelt even though I'm not 100% sure what distinguishes it from other bread.  Or really even 5%.  Maybe I should just say I don't know.

 I was kinda full but then we spotted a booth selling duck confit sandwiches! With mustard and arugula and big piles of duck.
 This employee was not stoked on me taking a picture but it's not my fault he has to wear that stupid hat. Scandinavian peoples (to generalize) are (of course) very polite and will sometimes apologize to you if their English is not flawless.  I love that.
 You ate sooooo much doner, shawarma and falafel we ate.  By the time we left Norway I had given up on finding much of anything else.  Not only was food super expensive, but I just had to conclude that people don't eat out that much.  There wasn't a lot on offer.  They don't seem to have any shops that sell cheese, charcuterie or anything like that.  It's the anti-Paris.  We could never find any wine or beer stores and then towards the end of the trip found out that because alcohol advertising is illegal and the sale of it is tightly controlled, the shops are so inconspicuous that we were just missing them the whole time!
 Hund is such a good word for dog.  This is a hund hook to hook your hund to.  Lots of weinerdogs everywhere! The whole world loves a weinerdog from Japan to Denmark, just not the guy in my house.
BTW, on the subject of leaving your pets out, we really did see people leave their baby buggies outside shops while they went inside WITH THE BABIES IN THEM.  Crazy.  I'm not comparing kids to pets it's just a segue.
 This bar was called something confusing like Olhouse Olbar.  Ol means beer in Denmark.  This bar was rad!

 It sprinkled a lot and was pretty gray.  I didn't mind.  We expected it.  I never used my umbrella.  A hood was fine.
 This is the Mikkeller bar.  It was always completely packed and (of course) you could take your beer outside so often the street was filled with people drinking beer.  Many Americans had come to Copenhagen for the beerfest (as we had) so these people are probably mostly American.  The dudes from the Trappist were there.

 Another one of the few things to eat were hot dogs.  At least they were good.

 We didn't get many shots of the beer fest because it wasn't exactly picturesque.  There were some great brews there from Mikkeller, the Kernel (a great British brewery), Struisse, Nogne O (that word is pronounced completely differently than you think and I can't reproduce it.  Just  kind of say "nyah nya" and you're almost there) and many more!  Coffee Collective had an area and they made a coffee drink with hops steamed in milk!! I am going to try to make that.

 More hot dogs.  That was the only food you could buy at the fest.

 Struisse pouring.  They had a crazy amount of taps.  However, when you handed them your little glass they would swish it in this water that they were swishing everyone's glass in (AKA hepatitis soup). That really grossed me out.  I tried to stop the guy but it was too late.

 Here's the harbor, natch.

 The Copenhagen design museum sucked, but Danish design is no joke.  It rules.  Our apartment host in CPH pointed out that she has these same Arne Jacobsen fixtures.
 We were right near a great beer bar called Fermentoren.  This is a pint of Cantillon lambic.  Kray kray.
 Speaking of Danish design, this is the apartment we stayed in.  So cute!
 We stayed near the meatpacking district, which everyone refers to as "the trendy meatpacking district".  This is a pizza place called Mother.

 This pizza was good, but it just reinforced to me how fucking good Masullo's pizza is. That shit ain't easy, folks.  And then when we were gone I saw on facebook that the most respected pizzaiolo (I'm sure I spelled that wrong) in the US named him as one of his top guys.  Way to go, Bob

 CPH is a great place to ride bikes.  Amsterdam has more people riding them, but that kind of makes CPH better because in Amsterdam you better fucking be on you toes constantly when you're riding or you are going to hear a chorus of bells putting you in your place.

 This was a cool spot called Dyrehaven.  I love these light fixtures and am currently looking to buy one.  We found one there for about 300 bucks.  They are all over the place in Denmark but I haven't found and exact one online.
 I was so psyched on this simple breakfast spread.  Perfect avocado.  How the fuck are you supposed to use these egg cups? People look askance when you just pick up an egg and peel it.
 We rode the train out to the actual place called Dyrehaven, which is home to an amusement park and trails in a big park.
 Guess what? No one in Scandinavia owns cats! That makes me mistrust them a bit.  We only saw 2 cats, maybe 3 the whole time.
 This guy was cool.

 I was psyched because this was the first sunny day.  I broke these glasses later but I can still use them when I get my Brody's cover band together.
 This is why it's called Dyrehaven (that means deer haven)

 These lamps were the best deal in Denmark! Only 70 kroner!
 I always try to pick up some local porn. 

 Whew, a little rough.

 Then we went to Christiana, which really needs to be its own post.


beckler said...

you guys are making me insecure with your lack of comments.

woah, my sign in letter scramble has the word "malediction" spelled really clearly

ninja said...

I'm waiting for part 2! I enjoyed part 1. I think you forgot to post the pictures of Miller soloing one of those hats and that cat

Anonymous said...

I am glad to know that Amsterdam is prettier than Copehagen even though I am not sure why.
Also I didn't comment because I immediately went to Rejuvenation to see if they had that light fixture, which they don't, they have a similar one for $138, I think, but it's not the same.

Anonymous said...

When served an egg cup, you use the egg spoon to crack and peel the shell off the top. Then you season, scoop, season etc.

Was it soft boiled?


DJ Rick said...

I haven't commented yet 'cos I'm just jealous. Looks like such a rad time!

beckler said...

but there is inevitably some egg left and I don't want to waste it! but maybe that's because I wasn't brought up in a spoiled country where the eggs flow like wine

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Here's a comment!