Thursday, May 31, 2012

English Singles singles

I may have mentioned that the English Singles have TWO (American) single coming out.  The first is on Slumberland.  Here's the info.  Look at that cover art! Here's a good review of it.  You better be able to get it at Phono Select.  The other one will be out soon on Squirmy Records, a Stockton-based label.  He also put out the Bright Ideas LP, which you can get at Phono Select for sure.  Speaking of records, the new King Tuff is out!  I'm gonna interview him.

Copenhagen/Gothenberg pics after the jump

OK, so this is the light I want, only in bright yellow.

Copenhagen apartment view.
This is a pretty famous light fixture and I did find this one on line.  I think it's called turtle.  If you look carefully you can see the green Arne Jacobsen fixture.
Then it was off to Gothenburg (or Goteborg), Sweden.  This is the only Swedish city we went to and we were only there one full day, so really I don't know a lot about Sweden.  Scott said in retrospect he wished we had gone to Malmo because he has been there and liked it.
First thing we happened upon a vegetarian cafeteria and I was so  pysched.  Everything from beet salad to dolmas to lentil meatballs.  All for cheap.  Sweden seemed like the cheapest of the Scandinavian countries.  I don't know about Finland or Iceland, now that their economy is collapsing.

Goteborg had a fish market and I daydreamed about all these fish snacks but that wasn't reality.  There were a few pricy cafes where you could get oysters and lobster.  I asked for a snack-sized portion of pickled mackerel  at a store and the lady looked at me weird. Nevertheless, it was delicious. Amsterdam had those sort of jellied/pickled mackerel sandwiches with pickles and onions all over the place, but Sweden did not.  Frowny face emoticon.
Here's where I ate the mackerel.
This is the fish market.
This is a rad craft beer bar we went to.  What was the name?  It was totally American style! We got giant American burgers with bacon, and they had a ton of American rye and whiskey and American beers.

Old fashioned tram and new fashioned tram. I hate to admit we are scamming Americans but we almost always rode the trams for free.  At first we couldn't figure out how to pay and then we realized no one would ever check.  Many things are on the honor system like this and my scamming brain would always activate.  But I hardly every used it, I swear!

Next, on to Oslo.


Shannon said...

That apartment is awesome. Love the light fixture too. Good thinking about trying to find it in yellow. Also, I want everything on that vegetarian plate.

Anonymous said...

Dear Frenchmen: - I tried to find Bla Gul at several liquor stores but it's nowhere! Snus of course is everywhere.


Anonymous said...

Bla Gul! Just as bad cold as it was warm. I drank it anyway. Maybe it was so bad that the brewery just quit making it.

Was Gothenberg really that deserted or were the Swedes kind enough to step aside every time you took a picture?


Tim Donaghey said...

Bla Gul! That's a great way to clean the interior...