Wednesday, September 26, 2012

a first

This has got to be a first: even I'm not checking heckasac.

 It's a combo of way busy at work (that's the number one factor), with more writing for SNR, and just general topic fatigue after all these years.  There are, sadly, no shows I've been interested in, so that's gone.  Local politics are not really pissing me off (except Breton's valiant crusade to convince us that all homeless people are scary criminals - what a great Catholic he is!)  WWJD, dude.  Jesus would straight up stop feeding those homeless people.  But I have heard the Northgate bike area has gotten gnarly, and that was really sad that guy got stabbed (but did not die). no, wait, that sounds like I'm sad he didn't die.  You know what I mean!

Tomorrow I'm going to see some live comedy and check out a restaurant to review.  It's at punchline.  I'm sorry to be a dick, but sell me on anything being good at Comedy Spot?  Be honest, not just  nice.  I have not seen anything, I just don't understand why so much of it is sketch and why they don't get touring comics.  Someone explain this to me?

Everyone has probably stopped checking. 


DJ Rick said...

Even though the randomized captchas have been less perverse and more unscramblable lately, I do keep checking!

Comedy Spot...Yeah, I wanna like it more, but I can't find enough reasons to go back. As a venue for live comedy, I think Luigi's Fungarden would be almost as well-suited. I think they should completely enclose the stage and seating area in heavy drapery to minimize the echoing.

I greatly enjoyed Neil Hamburger in there, but only because it was Neil Hamburger. And back then, it was BYOB, and I was surprised they were so cool about that. Now they have beer, but I've not been back.

fft said...

You gotta network your blog on FB and TW. This is 2012. (Ugh.)

The guy who was recently assaulted at gunpoint, told to strip naked, then robbed on the bike trail at Northgate at like 3PM was scariest. Some Deliverance shit.

I bike there often and it hasn't changed all that much over the years, however.

Breton's crusade is just a piece of Steve Cohn's broader assault on north Sacto homelessness and social services. He wants to recruit investment into his new District 3 but can't with all the bums, so he thinks demonizing them is the way to go. Fucker.


beckler said...

I see! Yeah, I've seen a lot of branding for the "river district" lately. I'm not buying it. Every city has to have some down and out regions. Shifting it around isn't going to help that much. I think free housing for the chronically homeless is the answer. Other cities have done it. I would vote for a tax for that, but I know no one else would.

HK said...

I've got your blog on my RSS reader, so I read each new post! I've also wondered why they don't have touring comedians at the Comedy Spot. There are so many good ones right now.

p.s. the capchas are really pissing me off. I am not a robot. They are impossible to read.

Anonymous said...

Breton has been driving me nuts, but it also does a pretty good job of making me feel a little guilty about the fact I have no idea how to improve the situation. As someone who sees and works with the homeless population quite a bit I admit my burnout is rather high, thus leading to me to often think some fairly unkind thoughts. Also, fuck the bike trail. I know its not that bad but just a few dudes calling out for me to join them in the bushes on the deserted trail is just irritating and frankly a little scary. It totally kept me from even considering a house over there just because I knew I would hate to bike the trail everyday. But again I have no idea the answer (or at least one that isn't total fantasy given the state of everyones budgets at this point)