Monday, September 17, 2012

dude loves cats

 bsssh pleeze.  picture post after the jump!

 We were lucky enough to get a stay in a cabin in Camp Meeker as a wedding present.  It's a cool little village with a pop of like 450.  No businesses.  It's really close to Occidental.

 Lots of totem poles
 We passed this smoked salmon place and turned around.  Was it highway one?  We were on our way to Bodega Bay.  Going south.

 This was the guy selling the salmon.  He was so cool! He and Scott talked books for like half an hour.  I have never seen two people with such a close match for reading tastes.  It was uncanny.  He recommended a couple of things to me, too, but those two dudes were on the same wavelength.  This guy just sits in his trailer with his dog and he has customers stopping every few minutes.
 beach in the Sonoma Park area

 I highly recommend Lucas Wharf restaurant in Bodega Bay.  They have an excellent fisherman's stew that two people can split (we got a rec from an old timer) and they had Russian River Happy Hops on draft!  When do you ever see that? Never, that's when.
 Camp Meeker sign
 canoeing in the Russian River.  I recommend that, too.  Burke's Canoe, 60 bucks per canoe, they pick you up in a bus at the end
 another totem pole
dude loves cats and cats love dude


Anonymous said...

why Scott choke out cat?

DJ Rick said...

I'm so glad to learn from you that Bodega Bay isn't totally a black hole for food. 20+ years of regular visits, and I've never eaten anything good in that town. Now I must try this place next time!

beckler said...

dude, you HAVE TO try a place in the town of Bodega, not Bodega Bay. It's called Casino and is sort of like Al the Wops with gourmet food. The guy had "basement ham" with grits and greens on the menu. Huge slabs of fried ham sitting on top of rustic, buttery grits with wilted spinach. Scott got a frito pie made with brisket ends. Our other friend (a vegetarian) got an heirloom tomato salad and she said it was the best tomato she had ever had

Here's a chowhound thread about it:

beckler said...

btw, you can "like" casino bodega on facebook and see their menus

beckler said...

check this one:

crispy pig head torchon, chow chow, sour cream, ginger-scallion vinaigrette 12

fried brussels sprouts, soft egg, parmesan, pancetta 9

watermelon, tomato, dungeness crab, avocado, palm sugar 10

crabs & dabs, crispy soft shell crab & sand dabs, green remoulade 18

pot roast, green beans, lobster mushrooms, potato puree, mustard jus 17

chocolate pots, toasted peanuts, salted caramel 6

DJ Rick said...

Whoa....I always see that place cruising through that town, but I've only stopped in Bodega once to check out some antiques. Another one for my list...thanks!

beckler said...

it's pretty cheap for how good the food is, too.

Anonymous said...

but why Scott choke cat out?

yolkie said...

good gif.

Shannon said...

We got up that way a few times a year and I've always wondered about that smoked salmon. Was it good? We're going in a couple of weeks - maybe I'll have to stop this time!

Anonymous said...

The salmon is good & Vann can talk to the guy about Cortazar. I don't get the choke cat out thing? Are you getting a dog confused with a cat? because I guess it looks kind of like I'm choking that dog.


Anonymous said...

no no. you choke out white cat. Scott does. I don't like it.

beckler said...

you are weird, anonymous.

another fact about the casino bar and grill in Bodega: it is adjacent to the church from the birds