Monday, December 17, 2012

cat with stocking

 the lil b stocking was steve's. rip

 ramen from Ryu Jin.  The egg and chashu were very, very good
 tasty yakitori. they had a strong grilled taste and I really liked the ground chicken one
 If I do say so myself, this was one of the best soups I have ever made.  Butter (surprise!) is the key.  It is a variation on a bon appetit recipe.  Cut carrots into 1 inch pieces. put on baking sheet and cover with melted butter, pepper, and salt. roast in a 425 oven for 25 minutes. puree with broth. i improvised and added tahini, curry powder, and cayenne (like EC I like cayenne on most vegetables). we sprinkled with sumac, because i was doing a sort of middle eastern-ish thing and sumac brightened the soup.
wow, lavash bread, why have I never gotten it before? I think it's better than pita.  I did my perfect roast chicken recipe, and made garlic lemon yogurt and we made chicken wraps.  my only regret is that it needed cucumber and mint and maybe a pickle. maybe i could get a takeout order of french fries and stuff them in there if i wanted to go crazy.  does anyone make their own falafel? a recipe would be great.

btw, I told Ryan D. my perfect chicken recipe and I told him 500 which was totally wrong! I pretty much wrecked a chicken last week before I figured that out.  And I fucked up  my oven so bad that now it's setting off the fire alarm all the time.  I was so embarrassed that he used the recipe.


Anonymous said...

If you see a thicker flatbread in the store called Sangak - grab it! It's Iranian and it's super delicious.

Anonymous said...

At first I read "Cat with Stroking" and I was about to re-live the Great U St. Clarence Carter Craze of 1999.


Natalie Rose said...

Thats a craze that should be re-visited at least once year.


beckler said...